Mayor de Blasio On Hot Plate Over Forkgate Scandal – Eating Pizza With A Fork


forkgate bill de blasioBarely two weeks into his term and Mayor de Blasio is already being mocked by national late night shows for eating a slice of pizza with a fork.

The smoking gun was as the mayor was caught eating a slice of pizza with a fork and knife, as he hosted a Sandy relief roundtable in Staten Island Friday. Twitter went crazy, with a new hashtag attached to the scandal, later emerging as ‘forkgate.’

Speaking to reporters, Mr. de Blasio described his approach as “very complicated.”

“In my ancestral homeland it is more typical to eat with a fork and knife. And I have been in Italy a lot and I’ve picked up the habit for certain types of pizza. So when you have pizza like this–I had a lot on it–I often start with a knife and fork. But then I cross over to the American approach and pick it up when I go farther into the pizza,” the mayor explained.

Watch Mayor de Blasio eating his pizza with a fork (via

But that didn’t calm down New Yorkers used to eating a slice of pizza with the hands. Late night Comedy show hosts Jon Stewart and Jimmy Fallon ripped the mayor on TV Monday night for using a knife and fork to eat NY’s signature pizza.

“You’re supposed to be champion of the middle class!” Stewart exclaimed. “Two weeks into your term, and we catch you eating pizza a la Trump? And you call yourself a radical socialist bent on destroying New York City.”

“Look, I understand there is a learning curve to being mayor, but here is lesson No. 1: Learn how to eat your city’s signature dish. If you were mayor of Philadelphia, would you eat a cheesesteak with a knife and fork? If you were mayor of Buffalo, would you eat Buffalo wings with a knife and fork?”

Stewart wasn’t buying Mr. de Blasio’s argument that the knife-and-fork method was in keeping with his Italian heritage.

“Were you elected the mayor of Italy?” he said. “Look out the window. You see the Sistine Chapel or Leaning Tower of Pisa? No, you don’t. You see several junkyards and a tanning salon. You know why? Because you’re in … Staten Island!”

“Admittedly, your predecessor Bloomberg did not eat it with his hands. He would usually have an assistant cut it up and chew it and then feed it to him like a baby bird. But you are not that. You’re a man of the people. EAT LIKE ONE!”

Antoehr late night host, Jimmy Fallon also piled on over “Forkgate.”

“People here in New York are still getting to know our new Mayor Bill de Blasio, and I don’t know if this is helping,” Fallon said. “New Yorkers are really upset about this because everyone knows the correct way to eat pizza is hunched over a trash can on the street after a night of drinking.”

“That’s right, Bill de Blasio’s first scandal in office is eating pizza with a knife and fork,” Fallon said. “When he heard that Chris Christie was like, “Wanna trade scandals?”

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  1. Time for some definitions. Most news is shtus, sports and what pases for entertainment is shtus d’shtus, this “story” is av ha’shtus, and the shmutz is avi avos hashtus!

  2. This is one of the few things Yidden can learn from the new Mayor. A Ben Torah should always use a fork and knife, and not be a chazer fresser eating with his fingers, even for pizza.