Trump Sets Final Demand For Gubernatorial Run: Unite Behind Me, Now!


trumpLet the flirtation continue, but don’t blame him if he falls short. At least, this is the message conveyed to Republican voters by Billionaire Donald Trump, who’s being pushed by some Republicans and himself to run for Governor in this year’s statewide elections.

Following a meeting with over 30 Republicans leaders Friday, Mr. Trump set forward a final demand. In a radio appearance Tuesday, Mr. Trump maintained that his potential run for governor would be realistic only if the Republican Party and chairman Ed Cox unite behind him as a challenger to Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Speaking with Fred Dicker on the Radio Tuesday morning, Mr. Trump called the odds a “50-50” chance that he runs.

“It depends on what happens with respect to Ex Cox,” he said. “He’s got to ask me to do it. He’s got to make phone calls. He’s got to be proactive. Unless I have total support, I would not do it.”

Mr. Trump shot back at Republican chairman Ed Cox, who is advancing Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino’s candidacy, suggesting that Trump’s ongoing flirtation is nothing more than a distraction.

“There’s a bad culture going on in the Republican Party. It’s almost like they expect to lose,” Trump told Fred Dicker.

He added that he would not challenge Gov. Cuomo if it required a Republican primary. “I don’t want to waste energy, time, effort and money on doing that,” Trump said. “I can live without this. I wouldn’t be doing it to lose. The culture of winning under Ed is unfortunate. Now he can change that, but maybe he won’t. The last thing I want to go is get into a primary against someone who can’t win.”

State Party Chairman Ed Cox responded that he’s flattered by the offer, but that Mr. Trump will have to get out and travel the state if he’s serious about a run for governor this year.

“I’m flattered, but he doesn’t understand the Republican Party,” Mr. Cox said on WGDJ-AM. “We do have a process. We’ve got county leaders all around the state who have to be consulted, who will have input in this. He has to reach out to all of them if he’s serious about running. He can’t just have a few leaders who are interested in him to come to his office. He has to go out and meet with them and talk with them.”

A State GOP consultant, who has worked on both sides of the aisle, called Mr. Trump a ‘serial barkar.’

“Donald J. Trump, the serial carnival barker and self promoter, frequently tells any and every person who will listen how he is considering running for office. Yet, he never puts his money where his mouth is and actually runs,” the source told YWN on the condition of anonymity. “Simply put, his “flirtations” are as much a fraud as Trump University.”

WABC radio host also expressed skepticism in Trump’s cry candidate status. “I’m not sure what you’re saying, Donald. I’m not sure: Are you really, really considering this — or are you just teasing people again?” Rivera asked Mr. Trump during an interview Tuesday morning.

“I am considering it,” insisted Trump.

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)


  1. Mr. Trump is getting to be a parody of himself. First of all, I want to announce that if the Republican party does not accept my offer to run for governor (my platform is, I have better hair than the Donald) by a deadline I have not yet determined, I will not seek and I shall not accept the nomination.

    As for Commenter No. 2’s question, I am sure that the Donald has some people looking into it.

    As for the 50-50 odds, I would gladly take that bet, if only Mr. Trump would actually take the bet. I insist upon Mr. Trump, because no one else would.

  2. Why would anyone unite behind such a man who’s biggest accomplishent is getting his name on Suits, Shirts, Ties, Towers and Casinos?

    Of course he knows where Brooklyn’s Kings Highway since his father developed houses and apartment buildings not far from it.

  3. Amazing that mr trump can run a gubernatorial campaign while managing all the workers working round the clock on obama’s birth certificate. That’s the type of multi tasker albany needs.