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DM Ya’alon Speaks About America’s ‘Messianic & Obsessive’ Secretary of State

yaalonAccording to a report appearing in the daily Yediot Achronot, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon is quoted saying in closed conversations that US Secretary of State John Kerry is “messianic and obsessive”, rejecting Kerry’s peace initiatives between Israel and the PA (Palestinian Authority).

Correspondent Shimon Shiffer quotes Ya’alon telling his inner circle prior to Kerry’s last shuttle diplomacy effort that his plan ‘is not worth the paper it is written on”. He adds that Ya’alon explained in closed conversations that Kerry “arrived determined and operates based on his abysmal obsession and messianic feelings. He cannot teach me anything about the Palestinians.”

If quoted accurately it is clear that Ya’alon has a good handle on reality for he adds “PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) lives by our sword for if Israel leaves Yehuda and Shomron, Abbas is done for,” quite aware of what occurred when Abu Mazen was handed control of Gaza. It did not take long for Hamas to oust him entirely.

Ya’alon speaks about how he “lives and breathes the conflict with the PA” and America should leave Israel alone and permit Kerry to claim his Nobel Peace Prize.

The defense minister reportedly does not hold the US plan in high regard, referring to the plan of retired US General John Allen and his 160 experts, a plan that includes high-tech, satellite monitoring, smart technology and many TV screens. Ya’alon feels that it may sound impressive but without a force on the ground the plan is worthless. The defense minister feels the US plan is unrealistic in addressing the reality of the situation in the Mideast vis-à-vis Israel and her enemies. He uses his decades of military experience and undisputed knowledge of the area and Israel’s enemies to question how all of the American high tech will prevent attacks or apprehend cell members on the ground prior to a strike. Ya’alon also addresses the growing PA rocket manufacturing industry in Shechem and other areas, which he warns will be capable of reaching Tel Aviv with ease. He is certain that an Israeli withdrawal from Yehuda and Shomron will result in the rise of Hamas as was the case in Gaza, aware that Abu Mazen is a weak leader with limited abilities.

Ya’alon rejects and plan that removes IDF forces from strategic areas and backs Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s demand the PA recognize Israel as the Jewish state, which Abu Mazen refuses to do.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

4 Responses

  1. I like how Kerry is Secretary for 5 minutes and he becomes the worlds expert on how to deal with the sly fox that is the Palestinians. I guess he took the cue from his boss who became the expert on everything the minute he took office.

  2. Avi732 I beg to differ but his boss was apparently an expert on everything even before he took office… Well except for leaping tall buildings in a single bound etc… That and the cape came afterwards. So I guess Kerry should be eligible for something, perhaps a boy wonder outfit?

  3. Ya’alon get my kudos for speaking out in face of the stupidity foisted upon us from Kerry and O’bama.

    Sure telling the truth won’t make friends but following their stupid advice might get us killed; we don’t want that.

    Obama is a total failure unless you think making the gays community happy is some measure of success.

    Economy getting worse, insurance still bad news; Iran and Syria: total failures for US. So what did Obama do that makes him worth listening to?

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