Bratton, 2 Weeks Into Job, Says Stop and Frisk Has Been Solved


stfAfter two weeks on the job, the city’s new top cop says he’s “more or less solved” the “problem” of stop and frisk.

According to the Daily News, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said some communities where the police tactic was previously used on a regular basis now report no cases of stop and frisk, and that the controversial practice began being used less frequently in the final days of Ray Kelly’s tenure.

“Stop and frisk has been stopped in some neighborhoods altogether,” Bratton said Wednesday at the Ford Foundation in Manhattan at an event sponsored by the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, according to the News.

About 194,000 citywide stop-and-frisk reports were filed in 2013, down from about 533,300 in 2012 and 694,000 in 2011, which is when Bratton said the practice was used most often, the News said.