Hospital Deputy Director Signals There is Hope For The Gross Children


tehillSchneider Children’s Hospital Deputy Medical Director Dr. Efrat Baron-Harlev told Kol Berama Radio afternoon news program that while the Gross children are in very serious/unstable condition, there is room for cautious optimism.

The senior physician explained that Chaim Michael Shlomo and Refael Yitzchak Isaac, 5 and 7, were seriously injured by the pesticide, which has severely compromised the function of vital bodily organs.

Despite all of this, she points out that children have a better chance of survival than adults, but admits the situation at present is a most difficult one as their hearts, lungs, and kidneys were affected.

Family members are calling on Am Yisrael to be mispallel for them;

חיים מיכאל שלמה בן מיכל

רפאל יצחק אייזק בן מיכל

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)