News of the Gross Family Hits The Mir Hard


mirAs Am Yisrael continues being mispallel for the children of avreich R’ Shimie Gross, the news of the petira of his daughters in the pesticide incident has hit The Mir in Yerushalayim hard.

R’ Shimon learns at the Mir, a well known avreich. As the news spread among the avreichim in yeshiva on Wednesday 21 Shevat, Tehillim were recited with mincha. Some of the avreichim who know Shimie well describe him as a talmid chacham, adding “we are just beginning to get back to ourselves after the gas explosion and now this.”

Am Yisrael is requested to continue being mispallel for R’ Shimie Gross’ sons, חיים מיכאל שלמה בן מיכל

רפאל יצחק אייזק בן מיכל

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)