Mayor de Blasio Acknowledges Mistakes But Shifted Blame Over To Sanitation Commissioner Doherty


bill de blasio uesMayor Bill de Blasio admitted Friday that it’s not just the Upper East side that deserved better plowing during this week’s snowstorm, but also parts of Staten Island and other neighborhoods across the City.

“In the first storm, I think there was a broad consensus that neighborhoods were served well all over the city. In the second storm, many, many neighborhoods felt they were served well. There were some places that weren’t served as well,” the mayor told reporters at a press conference Friday. “The particular concerns about the Upper East Sides caused me to see what was happening immediately. I’ve heard more and more since about the situation in Staten Island and I’m going to pursue that as well.”

But the mayor also seemed to shift some of the blame to Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty – a holdover from the Bloomberg administration – as well.

“The orders were given; the execution was not what it should have been. And when I saw it with my own eyes, I was thoroughly dissatisfied and I gave new orders and clear orders to beef up the efforts,” he said. “Whatever it was, it wasn’t up to snuff and we’ve got to figure it out. But we do know this much: The equipment was available, the personnel was available, the orders were given. So now we have to figure out what went wrong.”

Meanwhile, Councilman David Greenfield delivered a blistering defense of the mayor, telling Upper East Side residents to stop being spoilt.

“I’ll tell you overall, I thought Brooklyn was good. The people on the Upper East Side, quite frankly, they, they’re complainers. You know they’re not used to this idea that we’re gonna share resources in New York City,” Greenfield said on his weekly radio show Thursday night. ”So then you have the streets that are passable, but they weren’t what I would call ‘lickable.’ They couldn’t eat off the streets. They said, ‘Oy vey, there’s a little bit of ice on the street.’”

“Do me a favor, we’ve been contending with ice on our street for the last hundred years,” he continued. “So you’re finally getting some equity which means that the resources are being spread around, but this really didn’t leave them alone. There certainly was no scandal that was involved and the mayor.”

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)


  1. It’s not the Commissioner who’s to blame but Samnitation administraters in the Manhattan Borough office and the local district garage.

  2. Complainers? Greenfield is either lying or mistaken. I live in Boro Park and my street took 2 days to be cleaned. What an obnoxious man to say they were wrong for wanting the most basic services performed.