Rob Astorino Hopes For ‘Unified Ticket’ Against Gov. Cuomo


“Fellow extremists,” a Gubernatorial-sound alike candidate, Rob Astorino greeted a group of Conservatives in a speech to the Conservative Party Political Action Conference in Albany. “I am as happy to be here with you as Andrew Cuomo would be watching us cross the Canadian border with a wagon full of bishops and gun owners.”

Mr. Astorino, who just won reelection as Weschester County Executive, told the group he is seriously considering a run for governor against Andrew Cuomo in the fall. He tore into Gov. Cuomo for wanting “to expel anyone who believes in life or the 2nd Amendment” as well as Mayor de Blasio for following political heroes who are “Marxists guerrillas.”

Speaking to reporters after the speech, Mr, Astorino called for a unified front against Gov. Cuomo. “There needs to be a unified ticket. This is not to go through the motions. This is to win the race and change the state around,” he said.

Carl Paladino told the Conservative gathering Sunday that he will run as a Conservative candidate, seeking the line, if Trump decides against a run and Astorino is the Republican candidate.

But Astorino insisted all is well. “Carl and I had dinner last night and we were laughing the whole time. We hugged and we said ‘I love you’,” he said. Carl and I are on the same page on many of the same issues, and I think this will play out eventually.”

“There’s only one person that we should be focusing our attention on and that’s Gov. Cuomo,” he maintained.

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)


  1. Does anyone know what Messrs. Paladino and Astorino were laughing about when they had dinner together? My guess is: that thing on Donald Trump’s head.