WATCH: Tens Of Thousands Of Jews Begin Reciting Selichos


Tens of thousands of Sephardi Jews gathered at shuls at on Sunday night at chatzos and early Monday morning to begin reciting Selichos.

Thousands of Jews also gathered at the Kosel and tens of thousands more will continue to flock to the remnant of the Beis HaBechira throughout Elul, including many traditional and secular Jews.

In light of the great demand to attend Selichos at the Kosel, a decision was made this year to hold 14 main Selichos accompanied by a Chazan, amplification and giant screens on the outskirts of the Kosel.

Selichos at Kever Rashbi:

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation stated: “The traditional Selichos tefillos at the Kosel plaza unites Am Yisrael in all its shades and adds to the unity of the most exciting month of the year. Tens of thousands daven and accept the ol malchus Shamayim on themselves during the days of teshuvah and call out in a loud voice: ‘Adon H’Slichos – we have sinned before you – have mercy on us.'”

“We call on the public to come early for Selichos throughout the entire Elul and not only during the last Selichos and the Aseres Yemei HaTeshuvah in order to spread out the crowds and maintain the safety and well-being of all visitors to the Kosel.”

Sephardim begin reciting Selichos at the beginning of Elul in order to recite them for a period of 40 days, the same period of time that Moshe Rabbeinu was on Har Sinai.

Ashkenazim begin reciting Selichos on the Motzei Shabbos (or Sunday morning) before Rosh Hashanah, but if there are less than four days between the beginning of Selichos and Rosh Hashana, then Selichos begins on the previous Motzei Shabbos.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. This is what transpires when you have it easy during 9 days not commencing restrictions until שבוע שחל בו that you then face payback time in אלול
    We אשכנזים who have it way harder during 3 weeks & 9 days, get exceedingly handsomely paid back during אלול with only having to do 4 days or so {& never more than 8} prior to ראש-השנה

  2. Exceedingly handsomely Paid back??? You mean not being awakened to Teshuva is a reward for more aveilus??? Something is missing….
    Even if Ashkenazim don’t have the MInhag of actual recitation of selichos, the awe, fear, rising early to learn, introspection and Teshuva throughout the day in all Litvish Yeshivos shakes to the core. It’s Teshiva and avodas Hashem with a lot of seriousness- Sefaradi and Ashkenazi- just different minhagim how to awaken it and express it.