President Herzog Shuckles Over Bava Metziah In The Beis Medrash [VIDEO]


President Yitzchak Herzog visited the mosdos chinuch in the city of Elad on Wednesday in honor of the beginning of the Elul zeman and the start of the school year.

While visiting Yeshivas Torah B’Tifarta, a large yeshivah with over 1,000 bochurim, Herzog sat on the bench with the bochurim and joined in the pilpul on Masechtas Bava Metziah, learning b’iyun for an hour’s time.

He then met with the Roshei Yeshivah and held a long and personal discussion with them on the value of limmud Torah.

Herzog also visited Talmud Torah Daas Yosef, where he was greeted by the 3rd and 4th graders singing אם בני אדם היו מרגישים את מתיקות וערבות התורה. Afterward, he held a discussion with the eighth graders, one of whom is Nehorai Gal, the son of Reb Boaz Gal, hy’d, who was murdered in the Elad terror attack. At the end of the discussion, Herzog gifted Nehorai with a Sefer Tehillim in honor of his bar mitzvah.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. one can throw up looking at this…..Herzog should never be in this position…….giving kudos to his name is enough…..Hashem has his reasons……I can stand by this….looking at him with our future hero’s and he is not one of them…….shame…..

  2. Since when did this Zionist become President of the United States?

    Government ministers of foreign countries should have their country name prefixed to their names.

    In other words, the headline should be “Israel’s Herzog” or “Israeli President Herzog”.

  3. This Zionist was appointed head of the “Jewish” Agency for Israel. This organization, like any other Zionist organization, is one of shmad. Yet you are proud of this Zionist?