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In Wake Of Shechem Op: 4 Lion’s Den Terrorists Turn Themselves In

Four wanted Lion’s Den terrorists turned themselves in to the Palestinian police in Shechem on Wednesday evening, including Mahmoud al-Bana, one of the senior members of the terror group.

Al-Bana, considered the second in command, is the last son left in his family and he feared that his assassination was imminent, following the elimination of the senior officer above him. The terrorists requested that the Palestinian security forces protect Al-Bana from the IDF. The PA transferred him and the other terrorists to protective custody in a prison in Yericho.

Al-Bana, who is responsible for shooting attacks against IDF soldiers as well as an attack at Kever Yosef, was reportedly injured on Tuesday, when IDF forces again entered Shechem, the day after the major operation against Lion’s Den, and arrested three more Lion’s Den terrorists. One of those terrorists was Mohammed Nabulsi, the brother of Ibrahim Nabulsi, a wanted terrorist targeted and killed by IDF forces in August. The Lion’s Den terror organization was launched after his death.

IDF forces carried out counterterrorism operations again overnight Wednesday throughout the Shomron and arrested 11 terrorists, including two more Lion’s Den members.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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