TERROR IN ISRAEL: 3 Jews Murdered, 4 Seriously Wounded In Multi-Scene Attack

Photos from the multi-scene terror attack that took place in the industrial area in and around Ariel in the Shomron on Wednesday morning, November 15. (Photos: MDA, United Hatzalah)

Three Jews were murdered and four were seriously wounded in a multi-scene terror attack on Tuesday morning in and near the industrial area of Ariel in the Shomron.

The attack, which was carried out by an Arab from a nearby village, took place in three areas, with the first incident taking place at about 9:30 a.m. at the guard post at the entrance to the industrial area in Ariel, where the terrorist stabbed the guard. The terrorist then continued to a nearby gas station, where he stabbed three more Jews. One of the victims was later pronounced dead on the spot.

The terrorist then stole a car he found in the gas station area and began driving west on Route 5, and collided with several vehicles. He then emerged from his car, stabbed another Jew, and then entered another car, and drove at high speed against the direction of traffic, until he collided with another vehicle. A Jew who was injured in the collision was pronounced dead, and the Jew who was stabbed was taken to the hospital in serious condition.

The terrorist then abandoned the stolen car and tried to escape. An IDF combat soldier who was stuck in traffic while on furlough and had heard the gunshots chased after the terrorist and shot him, killing him. An off-duty IDF soldier and civilians also shot at the terrorist.

The victims were identified as Motti Ashkenazi hy”d, 59; Michael Ladygin hy”d, 36; and Tamir Avi-Hai hy”d, 50.

ZAKA spokesperson Moti Bokchin said: “A terrorist went on a brutal killing spree. He stabbed and injured two bystanders in the Ariel industrial area: one was evacuated in serious condition, the other was evacuated in critical condition and his death was determined on the way to the hospital.”

“From there he continued to the nearby gas station and stabbed a number of passers-by. Unfortunately, a 35-year-old man who suffered severe injuries was pronounced dead at the scene, and two other victims, 40 and 36 years old, were evacuated to the hospital in serious condition.”

“From there, the terrorist continued on Route 5 and collided with several vehicles. Unfortunately, a 60-year-old man was found lying on the side of the road, unconscious with multi-system injuries. An MDA paramedic was forced to confirm his death at the scene. The terrorist was shot at the scene of the accident and killed.”

An IDF spokesman said: “A terrorist arrived at the entrance gate to the Ariel industrial zone, stabbed civilians, and continued to a nearby gas station where he stabbed other civilians. The terrorist fled in a stolen vehicle to Route 5, hit passenger vehicles and ran over another civilian. The terrorist was neutralized on the spot by an IDF combat soldier.”

The terrorist was later identified as Muhammad Souf, 18, a resident of the nearby village of Haris who had a permit to work as a cleaner in the in Ariel industrial area. According to Palestinian reports, he is associated with Fatah and his father served time as a security prisoner in Israel.

ZAKA spokesperson
ZAKA spokesperson

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. killing him Best & only acceptable punishment for this savageous terrorist, and this soldier shan’t have to worry about potential prosecution with new laws that Ben-Gvir is about to implement as part of his agreement to enter new coalition

  2. Until when are we silent.
    Torah said when you enter the land get rid of the enemy. Or they will become a thorn on your side.

    You Wake up in the morning and want to go work and be productive and get killed. ? 1/2/3/4
    And the government is secure in bullets proof cars and bodyguards give away land and billions to the enemy while charging the dead Jews 17% tax on everything as if we are slaves to the whims of scum running government and special interest.

  3. Israel needs to enact the death penalty.

    Additionally, whenever a parah adam is killed in the course of murder/terror, their bodies should be immediately carved up for spare parts, i.e., organ and tissue transplantation, medical school, and/or research.

  4. “his father served time as a security prisoner in Israel.” Why does he have a work permit? Clearly the son of a terrorist is a threat. Foolish is as foolish does.