8 Yrs. Since Har Nof Massacre: The Call Of The Posek HaDor To Residents

צילום: לוי עמית

This past Shabbos marked the eighth year since the terrible massacre in Haf Nof when five kedoshim were cruelly murdered while davening Shacharis, wrapped in tallis and tefillin.

The Posek HaDor, HaGoan HaRav Moshe Shternbuch, called on Har Nof residents to be mechazeik in limmud Torah l’illui nishmas hakedoshim, and especially on the long Friday nights during the winter.

HaRav Shternbuch began his letter by writing: “It’s known what Chazal said in the Yerushalmi in Shabbos that Shabbatot and Yamim Tovim were given to Yisrael only to be oisek in Torah.”

“And especially now, ahead of this Shabbos, Parshas Chayei Sara, the eighth year since the terrible tragedy that befell our neighborhood, the cruel murder of five of the chashuve people, h’yd, in our neighorhood by bnei avla, it’s necessary to awaken even more strongly to chizzuk haTorah at off times, and this hisorrerus will be l’ilui nishmasam and also will be an additional protection for the whole neighborhood like Chazal said: ‘Torah protects and saves.'”

In light of HaRav Shternbuch’s instructions, announcements were made in all Har Nof shuls between kabbalas Shabbos and Maariv on a special chizzuk project in limmud Torah on Friday nights of the winter and especially this past Shabbos, the yartzheit of the kedoshim.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. This photo of מרן פוסק הדור שליט”א is misleading.
    It is not a photo taken in his home town, Har Nof – this is his Yeshiva, in Bet Shemesh.

  2. May the L-rd remember the souls of the holy and pure ones who were killed, murdered, slaughtered, burned, drowned, and strangled for the sanctification of the Name