Smotrich, Chareidi MKs Demand: “Legalize Gender-Segregated Events;” Lapid: “This Isn’t Iran”

Illustrative. Religious Zionism chairman meets with UTJ chairman Yitzchak Goldknopf in Jerusalem on November 14, 2022. ( Religious Zionism party)

The Chareidi parties and the Religious Zionist party are demanding as part of coalition negotiations to advance legislation that gender-segregated public events, namely religious and Chareidi cultural events, studies and public services – will not be considered discriminatory.

According to a Yisrael Hayom report on Sunday, the aim of the religious MKs is to prevent “legal persecution” by officials in the legal system, such as former deputy attorney-general Dina Zilber, who worked against the Chareidi sector by trying to prevent concerts and other public events separated by gender, as well as women’s lobbying groups who file legal petitions against gender-segregated events.

Currently, gender-segregated public events can only be held if they meet a number of conditions and even when these conditions are met, the events are often challenged by groups that file legal petitions against them.

The religious MKs are now demanding to anchor into law that religious-based gender separation at public events and the provision of public services will not constitute discrimination. The demand is based on the understanding that the religious MKs have no interest in imposing gender separation on the general public but simply want to ensure that those who wish to attend gender-segregated events can do so without legal repercussions.

In response to the report, Yair Lapid tweeted: “While in Iran, brave women are fighting for their rights, in Israel, Smotrich and his Chardalim (Chareidi Dati Leumi) are trying to send women behind the barriers and legislate separation between women and men. Where’s the Likud? Why are they silent? This isn’t Iran.”

Likud MK Amichai Chikli responded to Lapid’s tweet by stating: “A sixth-grade level tweet. The idea is to prevent a situation in which a Chareidi singer like Motti Steinmetz who performs for a religious audience is required to cancel his performance despite their desire to maintain segregation. This isn’t for an Ethnix reunion or a Bono performance.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. כל-הכבוד to both Chareidi & Smotrich’s parties & beautiful קידוש-השם to see black Kippa[hats] & Srugas working in unison, exactly as they should be.
    Needless to say:- They have to factor in 1 exception:- Events & Shabbatonim for Singles.
    Meanwhile we shall be more than happy to supply lapid with a “1-way” ticket to Iran.

  2. It isn’t Iran but never call Israel a Jewish State.
    Besides that theres no היתר to establish a Jewish State.
    When Torah principles are trampled on, its so sad but it reveals the real intentions of the founders of the Zionist State intended and infamously quoted. They weren’t shy in wanting to eradicate Torah values. So whatever’s done now, is unfortunately only the cherry on the Zionist pie.

  3. Miriam: We have one little Jewish country on earth – Israel. It is smaller than New Jersey and home to the most concentrated Jewish community in the world. To consider Israel evil as you seem to do is to take G-d out of Jewish history.

    There is no turning back the clock. We have Israel. May Hashem bless and protect her.

    Besides which, Israel will one day be a majority-Orthodox country. So let us not fight yesterday’s battles.

  4. He’s not demanding that all “events” be gender separated. He just wants events where the people attending WANT it separated…be allowed to do so under the law. They aren’t demanding that every public and private even be separated.

  5. Ari K. – To consider Israel evil as you seem to do is to take G-d out of Jewish history.

    If, in a nice warm family home, two or three siblings would adopt a hippie life and decide that they are in charge, ie. they impose their new views, ideals and lifestyle on every on every other family member, would that render the whole family as evil? No, but those siblings certainly are. Does it take the parents out the picture?
    We have a wonderful G-d given land, Eretz Yisrael. It’s the people who ignore G-d, oppose G-d, and even impose their views and lifestyles on G-d’s Children, who are evil. Even if they call themselves ‘The State of Israel’.
    That is why we vote. To wrestle the power from the naughty siblings.
    Meanwhile we hope and wait for the emotional reunion when they come back to the always-welcoming arms of Father.


  7. Ari Knobler:
    No, she is right, as all gedolim have recognized; the Zionist State is exactly that: Zionist, not Jewish. “We” do not have it; the Zionists do.

    Regarding your statement: “To consider Israel evil as you seem to do is to take G-d out of Jewish history.”

    By that logic, the Holocaust can’t be evil because that, too, would “take G-d out of Jewish history”.

    The truth, of course, is that Hashem has, at times, allowed evil. He certainly allowed this “State” to come into existence, but that doesn’t at all imply that He wanted it to happen any more than the Holocaust having happened would mean that He wanted that to happen. Of course not.

  8. In the Middle East, many if not most cultures favor single sex events. The Israeli left’s problem has always been is that they disrespect the cultures of the region and are trying to impose western, ultra-secular, and sexually immoral culture on people who reject them. In fact, had the zionists has some respect for the people who live in the Middle East, the entire war probably could have been avoided.

  9. @Hakatan. To compare the מדת הדין that brought the holocaust to the מדת החסד of the miraculous return of so many yidden to א”י, is in my opinion ridiculous. Of course they both were orchestrated by ד אחד, but our reaction is not supposed to be the same. Until משיח comes we say different ברכות in reaction to tragedy than we do in reaction to the “good” things sent our way by our Great Creator.