CANCELLED DUE TO SEPARATE SEATING: Judge Stops Concert In Haifa Featuring Steinmetz and MBD


Judge Avraham Elyakim has ruled that the scheduled concert of Motty Steinmetz and Mordechai Ben David that was scheduled to take place in Haifa for men only, must be canceled.

In his ruling Elyakim clarified: “This is not a ruling that weighs in on where the funding for the event came from in one fashion or another, there is nothing to prevent events being planned for the Chareidi community. It would be beneficial if the city of Haifa would learn the instructions set forth for such things by the Attorney General and follow in accordance therein.”

The producer of the concert spoke during an interview on Kol BaRamah radio and said: “We have spoken to Mordechai Ben David. We will fight to have this concert at any cost, even if it means losing money. The concert will now be a private event that does not have the support of the city.”

MK Uri Maklev from UTJ spoke to the press about the cancellation. “The Chareidi populace is being hunted by various political parties and groups. Today’s ruling gives legitimacy to these groups to wage their wars against us. When people say “live and let live” and in the end tyrants intervene and force the Chareidi community to act against its will time after time, it shows the hypocrisy of the system.”

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In spite of ruling in their favor, Judge Elyakim berated the women’s lobby group for simply wanting press and not really representing anyone who was hurt by the fact that the concert was only for men. Instead they caused financial damage to the artists, producers and hurt to the public just to make a point.

Towards the end of the deliberation in court Judge Elyakim said: “While each segment of the population does have the right to receive public funding for events for their community, I cannot be a part of allowing public funds to support an event that would injure or harm women. Should the Chareidim want to hold a concert that causes harm to another, then they should pay for it themselves.”

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I’m confused so which women are losing their rights by there being an existence of a separate concert? May these women lobby groups get hit by a truck and die. Amen.

  2. Avi k
    Remind me again
    אתחלת דגאולה???
    I don’t know.
    Why on earth wouldn’t every religious Jew run to live in such a wonderful utopia of religious freedom and observance

  3. why do we have to live with a court system that thinks we have to mimic American society? We are a Jewish society in our Jewish land and we want to live by Jewish social morals and ethics. Is that racist? If so ban the Torah and halacha too!

    The supreme court is somewhere between mindless and spineless. They don’t understand that we religious people are also entitled to live our lifes as G-d sees fit, not just the left wing liberal lunitics……

  4. By now the message should be clear. Event organizers are entitled to have separate seating, men-only, women-only etc. but DON”T use public funds. The same rules apply in most democratic countries that you are free to practice your religious preferences but not with public funding or subsidies. At the same time, these women should get a life and stop trying to sabatoge others’ events.

  5. People should stop taking money from the treifene medinah other the than the absolute essential. And even that the less the better.

  6. “an event that would injure or harm women.”….let’s see him say that about the next anti-Israel event scheduled by the Cultural Ministry in Haifa or elsewhere.
    I cannot see how anyone is “injured”.
    Vast amounts of public funds are spent on all sorts of events (and institutions) that harm the moral and cultural fabric of Israel, but now this event, which would receive a relative pittance of public funding, cannot go on.
    Basically “his Honor” is just saying to chareidim that they are a people set apart…but when it comes to forcing the draft, only then they are considered regular citizens of Israel.
    Well, the more we grow the more they will fear, so there is a critical need to define and limit these “Supreme Courts,” which offer no leeway except for their own agenda.
    I don’t personally feel that the “overide bill” is a good thing…the legislature should not be able to simply overide the judiciary.
    However, it is imperative that a basic law be made that limits the areas and power of the Supreme Court, such that security, status quo in religious matters, immigration and illegal aliens, and personal identity are beyond their jurisdiction. After all, the State was conceived as a Jewish State, it’s not the USA or EU, but a place primarily for Jews to live.

  7. > Gadolhadorah

    I will agree to your version of the rule on the day that the rule include the following codicil:

    > Event organizers are entitled to have mixed seating, men rubbing against women and women rubbing against men etc. but DON”T use public funds.

    The idea that there is something objective or non-prejudicial by using public funds for ONLY mixed-events is as phony as ONLY using public funds to build non-denominational religious structures (that, one building that must house Jewish, Christian, Muslim etc etc etc services as the same time).

  8. Tschoumi….even by your low stanadards, an especially dumb and inappropriate remark. Once and for all, the Shoah was something unique and comparing someone with whom you politiclly degreeto Hitler Y’S, or to the Nazis is devaluing the memory of the kadoshim who were niftar. The Judge is intepreting his understanding of the civil laws of EY,which you don’t approve of as to the issue of gender separation. To compare that judge to the greatest rashah in the history of the world shows your inmaturity.

  9. Those public funds come from taxes of which we pay our fair share, so we’re entitled to our fair share of the benefits. If we are excluded from municipal spending, then we should stop paying for it. The leaders should announce a tax strike, people should should stop paying arnona, and the whole community should resist all government attempts to collect it by force. Tar and feather the revenuers.

  10. Avi….of course there are ‘”women only” concerts in EY and I suspect the courts will take the same position of there is a proposal to hold such a program in a public venue rather than a privately-owned facility.