Ben Shapiro Tears into Kanye West: “You’ve Trashed Yourself… It Wasn’t the Jews. It Was Just You”


Frum conservative commentator Ben Shapiro raised the ire of antisemitic rapper Kanye West on Sunday when he tweeted, “A good way not to accidentally dine with a vile racist and anti-Semite you don’t know is not to dine with a vile racist and anti-Semite you do know,” in response to news that former President Trump dined with West and white nationalist Nick Fuentes.

West attacked Shapiro over the comment by posting screenshots of an article from left-wing Media Matters reporting that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis gave Shapiro’s Daily Wire over $100,000.

“Shapiro starvingly accepts $100,000 from one of my opponents then tries to trash me,” West tweeted.

West has since deleted the tweet, but before he did, Ben Shapiro retweeted the post and commented: “Sadly, you’ve trashed yourself. You didn’t need my help. It wasn’t me. It wasn’t the Jews. It was just you.”

Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boering also responded to the rapper’s post, pointing out that their media company has taken money from candidates across the board.

“We’ve accepted far more than that from your opponents,” Boering wrote. “DeSantis has rented our lists. Trump has rented our lists. Virtually every major Republican figure has rented our lists at some point. Stupid argument.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)



  1. Mr. Shapiro is an admirable Jew for taking healthy views on morality, but the word frum connotes more than just wearing a kippah on one’s head. It connotes someone who follows daas Torah, not just politically conservative values.

    This spat is between a politically conservative commentator and this entertainer. It is NOT a conflict between frum Jew and a gentile.

  2. So I would like to know who on the former presidents security crew or staff gave the ok for Fuentes to be Ye’s dinner companion? Could it have been the former president?

  3. my best wishes to west and Trump (if he whould not Appologize but with Tears)
    He should go to Bin Laddin In indian Ocean YM’S with the sharks.

  4. If Fuentes wasn’t carrying a weapon, neither the Secret Service nor Trump’s private security would have any reason not to clear him for the dinner. Nobody necessarily told Trump who this person was, let alone what his positions are on various issues. Now if he had competent political staff (not security), it would be their job to vet his guests for suitability; but evidently he doesn’t have anyone for that. He probably thinks he doesn’t need it; this incident shows that he does.

  5. fuentes aside, trump INVITED west! He invited an anti Semite to dinner!
    And saying he didn’t know who fuentes was just means he’s an unknowledgable moron. Marj was highly criticized for joining him at his rally, trump doesn’t know current events?? And he didn’t know David Duke, and he barely knows this one and that one. Please…

  6. HaKatan- It never ceases to amaze me how perfect your screen name fits you.

    First, why is it so important to you to let the world know that Ben Shapiro is, in your opinion, not a frum Jew?
    Second, on what basis do you make that claim? Do you know him personally?

  7. Did you read trump response on truth social abt the dinner or are you just parroting fakr news? Know the facts! Otherwise you sohnd like mindless robots who repeat CNN talking points without finding out the other side of the story..real journalism. As for Shapiro, let’s try not to make a chillul hashem and say lashon hara abt ppl.

  8. @Hakatan

    When people use the word “frum” they usually mean shomer shabbos, keeps kosher, 13 ikkarim etc.
    They don’t mean following daas Torah necessarily.

  9. All I can say is that he’s a lot frummer than some of the people leaving comments…o would probably say your daas torah would say not to write what you did.

  10. Shulchan Aruch of the “Daas Toirah” Choir:

    – Never cite the names of the actual Daas Toirah authorities being relied upon
    – Pretend to possess knowledge of a mysterious Daas Toirah not available by the unwashed masses
    – Never cite the reasons why persons are accused of not following Daas Toirah
    – Always imply there exists only one Daas Toirah position, the one held by Daas Toirah Choir