NONSTOP HATE: Trump’s Friend Kanye Praises Hitler, Says “We Have to Stop Dissing Nazis”


Does anyone still think Kanye West is not an anti-Semite? In a bizarre appearance on the Alex Jones Show, the disgraced rapper attacked Jews and heaped praise on Adolf Hitler – being so outrageous even the outrageous Jones found himself flustered.

“I see good things about Hitler, also,” Kanye said. “I love everyone. This guy invented highways, the microphone, every human has something of value they brought to the table, especially Hitler. Also, Hitler was born Christian.”

“They did good things too,” Kanye said of the Nazis. “We have to stop dissing Nazis all the time. The Jewish media has made us feel like the Nazis and Hitler have never offered anything of value to the world.”

Using also used a fishing net and a bottle of Yoohoo chocolate milk to portray Bibi Netanyahu, Kanye did a terrible imitation of the former Israeli prime minister, using a high-pitched voice.

Can anyone still defend Donald Trump’s friendship and meeting with this wannabe monster?

Below is a video mashup of some of the crazier moments of the interview.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. “Can anyone still defend Donald Trump’s friendship and meeting with this wannabe monster?..”

    Of course they can. Over 100 Republican members of Congress refused to comment or made excuses for Trump’s meeting with this sick animal. Even some MAGA yidden are still twisting themselves into pretzels trying to rationalize the meeting. Go back and read some of the posts here on YWN where they first claimed the dinner never happened (“fake news”) and then tried to say the meeting with Fuentes was “poor judgement” but had no problem with Trump inviting Kanye West to Mar a Lago.

  2. no one is enthusiastic about West, they just want the Hollywood crank to leave and sadly with his spectrum of dis orders and perhaps no meds or too much this is giving him the audience he desires…..I doubt this kids has anything but a sign called coward….it shameful

  3. I don’t get it. Trump said right away that he didn’t want to meet him but if he won’t he was worried they’ll call him a racist. And the other guy he never heard of.

  4. “Trump’s Friend”?! Really YWN?!
    So Obama can pal around for years with Jeramiah Wright and Bill Ahres and all types of Ani-Semites, and also actually govern in a totally anti-Israel fashion – but he’s basically okay.

    But Trump meets briefly with this rag – and he said he thought if he won’t he’ll be called an racist – and he becomes responsible for everything this guy will say, despite the many many courageous things he did for the Jewish people. He has to condemn and condemn a thousand times…

    Don’t you see already that he’s judged by different rules than others? and that’s only because of how good he was. How many of these guys today yelling about this were the same people who shouted that moving the US embassy to Yerushalayim was a horrible idea?…

  5. Obama was 100% wrong but what does that have to do with the events of the past week in re Trump providing a platform for West and Fuentes. We are in a much different world today than we were 15 years ago in terms of the existential threat posed by the growing legitimization of racist/anti-Semitic/anti-Israel beliefs in mainstream politics on BOTH sides of the aisle.

  6. What’s with his covering his face? Looks like he’s got something to hide.

    Also, if he thinks Netanyahu is a funny sounding name , what about Can ya? Can ya what? Jump in a lake?

  7. ENOUGH with This Hatred! YWN is the worst website ever.

    Every time I promise to myself I’m never coming back here after reading biased progressive fake news, I’m somehow still back for no apparent reason and witness again and again who the real fake news is and it’s no other than YWN.

    I’ve never seen one article condemning the filthy liberals policies who hate openly our Torah values and Will straight out condemn the Jewish people but when trump who’s a staunch Jewish defender and stood up for us in times that we’re critical, the YWN isn’t embarrassed or ashamed to knock our beloved president.

    Let’s be clear hear, no one is saying trump is a Tzadik here, he definitely shouldn’t of met Kanye west for his friends but neither do we have to be the ones to condemn him it’s non sense. We all know Trump isn’t an anti semite, so what’s the point to keep on condemning?! It’s the biggest liberal hack/joke to condemn something with zero action.

    To write Trumps Friend anti semite isn’t necessary and helpful for the Jewish people.

    Let me be clear here, the owner and writer of this YWN article is a Rasha M’irusha there’s a special place for him after the 120. Befriending with the Goyim and pretending we’re on the same side of history is against our Torah values, if you don’t like your previous president than shut your mouth and keep it to yourself. We don’t need more hate from the goyim who hate us tremendously.

  8. no condemnation form yvette clarke silence, our friend, hakeem jeffries another “friend” silence, with friends like these who needs enemies.

  9. I used to think that Yiannopoulos, Fuentes, and West were just a bunch of deranged racist lowlifes, but now they are even meeting with Donald Trump?! So far not one of them has denounced that serial embezzling charity fraudster who brags in public about assaulting women and the size of his bodyparts.

  10. The Nazis should come take Kanye and send him to a Ghetto, then transport him to a concentration camp. Then leave him there forever. One minute he says ‘Everyone brings something to table’ and then he makes fun of Bibi. If everyone brings something to the table then Bibi brings something to the table too, No?

  11. First of all if anyone knows any history about hitler ym”s he didn’t start with Jews he actually started with the black community so someone should please tell this low life who right now has nothing going for him in his life, it’s time for a education.

    Second of all;
    The Jews have been hated and targeted for the past 2000 years hitler ym”s wasn’t the first and not the last. But no matter what comes we know and believe that Hashem is watching over us and we will prevail!!!!!

    עם ישראל חי לנצח

    Btw the only thing him and the nazis ym”s have in common beside from the fact that they both hate and hated us Jews, is that either of them did any good for this world!!


  12. aymdock, I didn’t mean YWN, I meant the entire Washington elite, in government and media. Obama was considered the guy who really cares for Israel more than they know how to…

    It doesn’t seem like they have this in prospective: They called him that afternoon already in FL and on the way to him. He doesn’t want to be a racist. He immediately said he didn’t know this other fellow, and he knew west from before his Anti-Semitic twist.
    All it is is a mistake. A bad stupid one. But nothing else.

  13. All you People here defending Trump now in meeting with Kanye are beyond delusional.
    If his filthy words now didnt stir you people up, then you’re all self hating Jews.
    As a Republican and never voting in a liberal, I have the right to say: Liberals have bad policies but are never dangerous as these antisemites. The love to Trump by Idiotic Yidden can’t bring them to condemn this vile despicable Nazi. Hair raising!
    Joke is that Hitler wldve exterminated him too.

  14. Moshe38 and others give Trump a pass here because of their insistence he unconditionally loves the Jewish people. I think this is an assumption worth exploring. He may have certain respect for Jews for a number of reasons. Brains, success, or the family values always unnatainable for him. But consider:
    *The only person he unconditionally ever loved seemingly, is himself. Not his wives, not his brother who killed himself (who he called a ‘loser.’);
    *A Jewish son-in-law is no proof he loves Jews. He was opposed to the marriage when it was announced;
    *I’ve posted a clip on YWN where he says his German genes make him superior;
    *He said his pro-Israel positions were for the evangelicals, who make up 1/3 of our country (no, Trump did not need the Jews to secure his 2016 win. We have maybe 3 million or so eligible voters in the U.S.);
    *In 2016 there were stories of Trump paying off a frum man’s mortgage for fixing his tire. Guess what, Latinos were floating the same story. Only, surprise, the hero was a Latino.
    *Much was made on how Trump Sr. loved having Jewish tenants in his buildings and even donated land for a shul. Surprise: he was also a businessman (and had pro-nazi connections). He didn’t want the “wrong” type of tenants that would have trouble paying rent. And he certainly would have gotten a tax benefit for donating land, which at the same time ensured him long-term tenants.
    *He repeatedly referred to Bebe to American Jews as “your prime minister” which suggests he doesn’t think we are true Americans who belong here (which is correct in a deeper sense, but dangerous when American goyim say that).
    *Though unconfirmed to my knowledge, he has made comments that Hitler wasn’t all bad (hmm, seems a bit like what West has been saying).
    *”America First” was coined by Lindberg who was an undeniable anti-semite and pro-nazi. Any candidate who appreciates Jews, if they came up with the slogan (giving benefit of doubt here he didn’t know about from Lindbergh…), upon learning the historical use of the slogan would not want to be associated with it.
    *He made numerous insulting comments to Jewish supporters (i.e. you pay off your politicians, you’re not nice people, etc.). Even if YOU are for some silly reason proud of these comments, think about how it normalizes hate.
    *Finally, he met with West when CERTAINLY he knew the filth he was spewing at that time. Someone who appreciates Jews would not only find this distateteful, but would intuitively assess that the news of such meeting with them and a holocaust denier would certainly portray him as an antisemite and also normalize anti-Jewish sentiment.

    He only likes those who vote for him. If you prove your loyalty, he has use for you. There’s nothing special or personal here. And for those of you who say “we don’t expect the goyim to love us anyway, that’s the rule:” it’s not a coincidence right wing vitriol and attacks against Jews are way up particularly during his presidency and now. No other president I know of made so many glaring public invitations to put us in the negative spotlight. Giving goyim a pass to hate Jews takes the responsibility off your shoulders to act wisely and promote stability for our people, as we have done much more successfully in the past.

  15. Gadolhadorah:
    Give me a break. No matter how wrong or stupid Trump’s meeting these losers was, to call it “giving them a platform” is a lie and a smear. Trump did not promote them or their views in any way, and has repeatedly tried to distance himself from them.
    I’m no Trump lover, but at least my mind hasn’t been so twisted by hatred they I can’t see the facts clearly.

  16. did anyone condemn the lost yid schumer for enshrining men marrying men? Chazal say that the people who resettled the world after the mabul promised to never have a man marry a man.

  17. er is right. There are many roubling things Trump said and has done. Again not to take any sides here, but Trump is a businessman wih a big ego, therefore the things he says can just be his ego trip and not neccessarily anti Jewish, and his actions such as meeting bad people can just be his desperation for votes. Do I think he is so ond of Jews, no. Do I think he hates Jews, probably not. In The Art of the Deal, he did mention an elder Jewish Holocaust survivor who helped him out of a bad business decision in Florida and he spoke highly of Jews and mentioned that this man was a real survivor in life after what he went through in the Holocaust which makes other “problems” in life seem like nothing.

    We should just take this all as a wake up call, nobody is sympathetic to us and noone is our leader. We all need to trust ONLY in Hashem. We are the lone nation Rashi wrote, when we are happy noone is joyous with us and when we are sad noone is sympathetic to us. And we should not expect anything different.

  18. YWN. Not Trumps friend. Trump always tries and utilizing time to create peace. Look at his own family. Shame on you for going to this stretch. You call yourself Jews. Really

  19. @ER you are very right, I just hope people will not say that by Trump inviting West, he was acting like Esther inviting Hamman Harasha. No way, Trump changed a lot since having the sichsuch with Bibi

  20. Obama actually distanced himself from Jeremia Wright after he became president. Mr. Trump is so desperate to be popular, he’ll crawl down the dirtiest hole to appease his “base”. This isn’t antisemitism on his part, this is choli hanefesh.
    MD Shweks: Who will be your next icon once Trump finishes obliterating himself politicially?

  21. Replying to “er”
    I read your every word.
    I followed him carefully for the past 7 years. He has a very strong sense of doing what’s good for “Middle-America” – the Christian old fashion heartland. America first to him means simply what it says.
    You’re right, Jews are not he’s first love, and I totally understand it. Most Jews are very confusing, and do not vote their religion nor for Israel. I’m sire he’s very confused by how little appreciation and recognition he gets from Jews for the great and courageous things he did for them.
    Remember, all he did was meet with them briefly. Nothing else. And he said he didn’t know which effectively is an apology. If Bush – who was horrible to Israel – would be in this situation he would be forgiven by now, and Trump has way more credit than Bush. He has condemned and condemned a thousand times…

    When he says what you call “mean things” to Jews, I see it as a plus, that he’s not afraid to say the truth. After all, it is true that all those Jewish Wall-street and corporate tycoons are evil, and they’re paying off and corrupting the system. He’s not saying they do it BECAUSE they’re Jews, but he is saying that those who are considered the “influential Jews” are not necessarily good people, and nor should we Jewish folks be protective of them.
    Yes he loves himself very much. I don’t think it’s much different than any average person loves himself, it’s just that he doesn’t have the normal filters most people have between their inner self and their external expressions and behavior. When he says German genes are good, or “your prime minister” to Jews, or “crappy countries” about Haiti etc. it’s really what every smart person knows inside but would just never say it that way. That’s a big plus, not a minus.
    But more than all the above, I really don’t look at it from a narrow ‘Jewish’ perspective, rather what’s really good for America. The US started as a good country by good idealistic religious people (The “טוב שבעשיו” – the good sparks of עשו). I’ll take a straight religious honest goy who isn’t the biggest Jew fan – like Rand Paul, Tucker Carlson – over ‘friends’ like Chuck Schumer any day. Trump proved himself to be the most effective cleanser to the evil forces that have corrupted and polluted America.
    Rav Avigdor Miller Z”l used to say – and I now understand it more and more – that a big factor should always be how much the left hates this person. The more they hate and vilify a person, the more that’s an indicator how good he really is.
    The left is now all over this ‘Trump – white supremacy’ thing, the same left who had no problem with glorifying Hamas and vilifying Israel at every turn. The same NY Times who cringed when Trump was ‘too good’ to Israel.

  22. Will YWN report all the antisemitism by Jeremiah Wright as Obama’s pastor and Louis Farrakhan as Obama’s friend? Will all hate by Tlaib and Omar be referred to as Biden’s friends?

  23. Will Warnack always be tied to Calvin Butts, the antisemetic preacher? Or to Louis Farrakhan? Will Hakim Jeffrires be connected to his uncle Leonard Jeffries, who is a rabid antisemite?

  24. As I read the comments I see a bunch of liberals foaming at the mouth. Some of them posing as Republicans. I didn’t borre for Trump and will not vote for him either. That being said his lack of judgement by meeting those antisemites do show the man is lacking sechel. In 4 years might be a deranged as the current president. Whomever thinks that we are better off with democrats is dreaming. If anything this is a stark reminder that only in H” we should trust and that we are only here as a foreign nation. His many times didn’t we get murdered and treated as outsiders in Europe regardless of the generations being born in those countries? We were expels from Iran, Iraq, Spain, England, and every country in Europe. USA will come and kick us out sooner or later. History repeats itself. You might not like my opinion but my opinion would have been unlikable in 1920s Germany as well

  25. YWN is sounding more more like the fake news media it’s appalling! The fat is that Jews don’t own this country and are not the number one thing on everyones mind. West did support trump back in the day and now trump’s meeting with him doesn’t mean he’s an antisemite. He specifically said that West is a troubled individual. He never said he agrees with him. He showed him hakaros hatov by not throwing him out. The Torah says that we as Jews have to have hakaras hatov for the Egyptians for hosting us while we were slaves . The hakaras hatov that some of us are showing to Trump is mom existent. Stop the hate and the rhetoric already . This is appalling.

  26. MDshweks: I appreciate the dialogue. A couple of comments for now, though there’s always more to say.

    Whether you believe Trump knew who he was meeting (as I presume), made a mistake in judgment, or was blindsided by an unexpected visit, any leader (or any respectable person for that matter) should have the decency not to merely justify/excuse himself, but to unequivocally reiterate his distaste for hatred, bigotry, and his commitment to a peaceful co-existing society. I have not seen any such post like this from Trump. Even if he “didn’t know” it is incumbent on him to do this, so it’s not enough to try to infer an “effective” apology from him, as you say. But you also seem to say Trump condemned West thousands of times for his anti-semetism. Did he? He said the guy has mental problems and other things, but he’s afraid of alienating his anti-Jewish supporters by condemning hatred.

    “If Bush – who was horrible to Israel – would be in this situation he would be forgiven by now.”
    Bush would never have gotten in this situation. Even if this was a random visit, these trash would not have thought they would get an audience with Bush or any other president. If they tried anyway, their assistants would first screen them. Nobody “bumps” into Trump unless you’re invited into his home. Someone’s policy on Israel you don;t like doesn’t necessarily mean they are an anti-semite. Meeting with these guys and not going out of your way to denounce anti-semitism shows he does not sensitive to Jews or anti-semetic concerns.

    “it’s really what every smart person knows inside but would just never say it that way.”
    It takes a smarter and wider person to keep quiet sometimes and act as a diplomat. Obama came across weak as a leader, but I miss the diplomatic approach, which required restraint. For all his heaps of praise of Islam, he was aggressively hitting them with drone strikes overseas.

    BTW: I neglected to say above that Trump administration’s statement on holocaust remembrance day deleted any references to Jews or Jewish lives lost. hmmm.