UK Man Gets 16 Years For Killing Israeli Pregnant Woman & Her Father

Yoram Hirschfeld, z’l and Noga Sela-Hirschfeld, a’h.

A British man last week was sentenced to prison for 16 years after being found guilty for killing two Israelis and injuring three others in a hit-and-run in Ramsgate, Kent in August.

Nitesh Bissendary, 30, initially fled the scene of the accident but later returned to the scene in order to retrieve the cocaine from his car. He was found to have been driving under the influence of cocaine. The jury, who was informed that Bissendary had been previously convicted of driving under the influence of cocaine, unanimously found him guilty of causing death by dangerous driving and causing injury by dangerous driving.

Noga Hirschfeld, 37, a’h, who lived in Cambridge with her family and was five weeks pregnant at the time of the crash, was killed along with her father, Prof. Yoram Hirschfeld, 78, z’l, a professor at Tel Aviv University who was visiting his daughter’s family from Israel at the time.

Noga’s husband and 8-year-old son were lightly injured in the accident and her six-year-old daughter suffered serious head injuries.

BBC quoted Judge Simon James as saying: “The severe psychological impact will remain with all three survivors for the rest of their lives.”

He told Bissendary: “No words can describe the pain, loss and torment you have caused. You were focused on self-preservation and fled the scene. You went to your parents to try and hide the drugs you had been selling. When you initially ran from the scene you knew full well you had run people over.”

A statement from Noga’s mother, Judy Hirshfeld, was read to the court. “Three families have been shattered. There are no words to describe the devastating loss of my daughter and husband. The sorrow and hardship are profound.”

“Noga’s children now have to learn how to grow up without a mother and we are also mourning the loss of her unborn baby.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)