SHOCKING: Jewish Man Injured in Intentional Ramming Attack in Crown Heights


A Jewish man was rammed and injured by a vehicle in Crown Heights on Friday evening in an incident that the NYPD is now investigating as a bias attack.

The disturbing incident unfolded at around 6 pm at the intersection of Albany Ave. and Union Street in Crown Heights, when the driver of a white sedan stopped at a red light appeared to notice a visibly Jewish man crossing the street.

Surveillance video shows the driver appear to intentionally turn and ram his vehicle into the Jewish man before accelerating and fleeing the scene.

The man, a Lubavitch adherent in his 50s, was treated by Hatzolah and transported to the hospital for further treatment.

YWN is posting disturbing surveillance footage of the attack below in the hopes that it could expedite the apprehension of the suspect.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. So painful to watch. The whole of Klal Yisroel send this special yid a refuah shleima. Just pointing out a small but important point, one can hear at the end of the clip someone asking ‘you got Hatzolah’s number?’ obviously he didn’t have it. It is so important that we all know Hatzolah’s number and not just rely on our cell phone’s speed dial as is obvious from this clip being that it was Shabbos, this person or anyone around were not carrying their cell phones.

  2. Calm down. Our first African American female Attorney general, abortionist Letitia James, is doing all she can to protect those that pay her salary…………. by going after former President Trump’s personal tax returns dating back to 1978. As long as those dangerous tax returns are being watched, there is no reason for Frum people to have any fear of blacks running them over.

  3. Besides the fact that driver runs the light they clearly straighten out the turn to widen it in order to hit the victim. Unfortunately though whether or not they catch the driver won’t make a difference. They’ll be out in no time. We can only daven that the victim will have a refuah shelaima and that H-Shem will keep us safe and take revenge on those that do us harm.

  4. In the 1980s and early 1990s, I suspected that Jews in the USA would eventually become victims of intentional car-ramming attacks, because they were already happening in other countries.

    At that time, I was unable to express that fear without being accused of being paranoid.

    Last but not least, nobody would have listened to me anyway, so there was nothing to be gained with trying to warn people.

  5. Maybe it is time to reintroduce Jewish gang in Crown Highs, like the one described in “Incredible”?
    Lets call it Rodfei Tzedek…

  6. Because this is NYC, this case is not as clear cut as the video may suggest. Its still possible the DA can charge the guy wgo was run over with damaging the driver’s car.