Hesder Rebbi: We are All in the Same Pot


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hesder4.jpgSderot Hesder Yeshiva rebbe, Rabbi Dror Aryeh spoke with Kol Berama Chareidi Radio on Wednesday, 26 Adar I 5774. Rabbi Aryeh did not mince words, expressing absolute and total opposition to the draft law. “We are all in the same pot” he exclaimed regarding efforts to curtail limud Torah in Eretz Yisrael. “Without limud Torah there will be no nation, no state and no Land of Israel for Torah is our survival”, he added. This is an affront to all of us, not just chareidim.

Rav Aryeh stated that this is the belief of most prominent dati leumi rabbonim, and for certain the tzibur’s gedolim, and these rabbonim have state so in talks with their talmidim. When asked to identify the gedolim who are opposed he explained he did not ask permission to quote them by name and therefore, being a simple Jew, he could not dare to do so without their permission.

In Rabbi Aryeh’s eyes it does not matter if chareidim will be arrested or not, and it does not matter if they go to the IDF or not, but what matters is that the nation has been attacked and everyone should be outraged by a bill that seeks to label lomdei Torah ‘criminals’, nothing short of outrageous. He explains the very notion of using such a term about those studying Torah and keeping the state alive is simply repulsive. He adds that prominent dati leumi rabbonim including Rabbi David Chai HaKohen has called on his talmidim to attend the atzeres, as is the case with the Sderot Hesder Yeshiva and many others. They understand the need to shout out against the Chilul Hashem too he explained.

He stressed this has nothing to do about hashkafa or politics, but it has to do with Kovod Hatorah.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. IF that view is widespread, that Bennett’s days as leader of Bayit Yehudi are numbered, and the nationalists (who instituted the draft of yeshiva students) are likely to back down.

  2. Amazing. Rabbi Aryeh said it perfectly. Lapid/Lipman/Piron have no idea what they have stirred up! This attack on the Torah Hakdosha must be reponded to & B”H will! This is the final Nisayon.

  3. (Not that I am the least bit surprised with the Rav’s statement)

    This article is surely going to silence a lot of Zionim that comment on this website. As should have been obvious, Torah belongs to Klal Yisrael and not just the Chareidim! We all need the Limud HaTorah from ALL the Yeshivas to exist! Hashem doesn’t distinguish between kippas!!!

  4. Bayit Yehudi isn’t really a Religious Zionist party, it is a settler party. And Bennett has been very good at getting money for the settlements even as he throws yeshivot, both Dati and Charedi, under the bus.

    As reported right here on YWN, Italy now has a new center-left government with a pro-Israel Prime Minister:


    The chain of events that led to the fall of the former corrupt right wing government were its attempt to cut funding for arts, in particular opera. The world famous conductor Riccardo Muti, who had never before been politically active, felt compelled to speak up. The idea of cutting support for opera in Italy was anathema to Italians and the government was brought down. We should all be ashamed that opera is more important to Italy than yeshivot are to Israel.

    Softwords is right. HaShem does not distinguish between kippahs. Dati Torah and Charedi Torah are the same and we all need to be together on this one.

  5. charlie,

    im glad i agree with you (wow this is getting to be recurrent)

    please mention this to the MO community(ies) that invited lipman to come and posts yesh atids mission plan prominently on the wall (i know of one)

  6. Well, hypocrisy is rampant, as usual! Where have all those voices (like softwords,coffee addict)been before this manufactured crisis? When was the last time you showed any respect to the dati leumi jews and their sacrifices? When was the last time you actually supported a chareidi person who wamts to go to the army? Hypocrisy indeed-many on the chareidi side only look out for themselves and despise the dati leumi population.

  7. #6 “Rabbi”ofBerlin – if your title is true, then the situation is Germany is no better off now then it was 70 years ago.


    On the contrary! Look at my comment #23 on this article!

    …and you? I challenge you to show me where you praise the Chareidim in any way or show any respect for our views! On the contrary, you constantly show disrespect!

    It honestly seems to me that if Moshe Rabeinu was here today you’d be amongst those that would comment, “boy, did you see how fat Moshe’s neck is?! He must be fattening himself on the cheshbon of Klal Yisrael!”

    By the way, your comment in this link may be a thorn in defending yourself. (3rd comment of yours)


    …and here defending the IDF’s right to have women singing at IDF events that religious soldiers are required to be at. BTW – the IDF later placed disciplinary actions against those religious soldiers (not to mention, I believe(but could be wrong) that G-d Fearing Mizrachi Soldiers also were amongst those that stood up and left).


    ..and here calling us lunatics!

    HEY! I FOUND A REDEEMING FACTOR!! RabbiofBerlin’s two sons are also lunatics like us!!


    OK, Now that I have you pinned against the wall, I’d like to give you food for thought (This is where I get soft)

    I noticed after checking a great amount of your comments that you seem to enjoy inciting conflict. You have consistently started topics in the coffee room that greatly appear that your main objective is to start up with people that hold other views than you. Have you ever considered that perhaps deep down inside you thrive on being a rabble-rouser? What gain is there in that?

    I could understand if you started Topics such as “What do people have against Reb Shlomo Carlebach, z”l?”; “Do Chareidim respect IDF soldiers?”; “Does everybody have to be in Kollel? What’s wrong with being a frum Baal Habas?”; etc. But let’s be honest, that is not how you are approaching your Coffee room discussions (arguments).

    Perhaps you would do much more by trying to explain the non-Chareidi view point to Chareidim than to argue who’s right and who’s wrong until you’re blue in the face.

    Just to end off. I must mention that I did enjoy and respect your Halachic Coffee room discussions and I agree with you that people need to bring sources. If you ever post another one you can let me know about it. I would be interested in joining. Be Well!