Oorah Releases New Shmorg Tunes Album


shmorg-tunes-iconOorah’s Shmorg Tunes is out! With all new music performed by over a dozen contemporary Jewish artists, the album provides an hour’s worth of guaranteed audio bliss.

With popular singers like Shloime Gertner, Ari Goldwag and Rivi Schwebel and budding stars like Yonatan Shlagbaum (who got his start in Oorah’s 2009 Shmorg Auditions!) and Yacov Young, every song is a beautiful new composition or medley. Lebedig!, with Shloime Tausig, Shauly Waldner, Mendy J, Nachas!, Nosson Schwartzberg and the Zemiros Choir, will have you on your feet, dancing to its irresistible beat, while Hartzig!, with Shloime Dachs, Ari Goldwag, Shlomo Schwed, Yitzy Rosinger and Oorah’s own Sheya Fromovitz, will have you swaying to the soulful tunes.

There’s something to make everyone happy in this collection. Yisroel Werdyger sings Be’ahavu, an exclusive hartzig melody, and Shloime Gertner takes it away in Keli Ata, another original. Yevanim is set to a new tune, sung by Rivi Schwebel, and Lipa shines in a rocking Mitzvah Tantz. And that’s not even all in this brilliant new release, available exclusively to Oorah Auction donors.

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