ANIMALS: Palestinians Celebrate After Jews Are Murdered in Yerushalayim Terror Attack


Hordes of animals celebrated the deaths of more than half a dozen Jews killed by a machine-gun wielding terrorist at a shul in Neve Yaakov near Yerushalayim on Friday night.

Footage coming out of Palestinian strongholds and villages show dozens of twisted, terrorist-loving sickos singing, dancing, and handing out sweets, celebrating the demise of Jews and the martyrdom of the Arab terrorist.

These animals – who want all Jews dead – are the ones that Israel is being blamed for hurting.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. That’s an insult to animals. No animal kills for fun. They kill if they’re hungry or being threatened. These creatures are subhuman evil monsters, who crawl out from hell every day to wreak misery and murder on pure, innocent Yidden. May their end be very soon.

  2. videos need to be taken of these individuals, then when they decided to use our hospitals let them be identified or not….why service and provide health to those who are criminals …..

  3. The international community and state department are hopeless. They will continue to consider these savages to the victims because their antisemitic narrowmindedness is נגזר מן השמים

  4. Did you hear about the father from h..ll of the butcher who said he is overjoyed just like his wedding…

    Racism would be an understatement. Meanwhile, Bigots: Ayman of MSNBC and Mariam Barghouti try to white wash the massacre of innocent via vile comparisons to thwarting attacks by the IDF of violent terrorists in Jenin.

  5. Sick. These animals are truly not worthy of the name animal. They are sick. just sick. I hope gods decides these pigs die a gruesome and painful death. No death could revenge for these disgusting, abhorrible, non human pigs.