Missionaries Outed In Phoenix Trying To Infiltrate Chareidi Kehilla In Jerusalem


The Beyneynu anti-missionary organization sent an urgent appeal to the Israeli Interior Ministry requesting that it deny citizenship to a Christian missionary family that is trying to infiltrate the Chareidi community in Jerusalem.

The Isaacson family (previously Dawson), who was outed after infiltrating the frum community in Phoenix as well as previously infiltrating kehillos in Dallas and Houston in Texas, Portland, Oregon and Wisconsin, Milwaukee, is now trying to pass themselves off as Chareidi Jews in Nachlaot.

According to a B’Chadrei Chareidim article, the family members are in Israel with tourist visas for three months and they are trying to obtain Israeli citizenship in order that their children will find shidduchim in the Chareidi community in Israel.

Shannon Nuszen, founder and director of Beyneynu, wrote to the Interior Ministry: “We believe that they will ask to immigrate to Israel immediately or at the very least obtain student visas for their children through the Ministry of the Interior.”

“It’s urgent that the Ministry of the Interior act immediately to block these people from receiving any visa that would allow them to continue the damage they are causing to the Jewish communities with their insidious agenda…we know from first-hand reports from Jewish communities and rabbis in the US that the Dawson/Isaacson family is deceptive, dangerous and very determined to establish themselves in Israel.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. What’s with the picture of some kid and some guy with a beard with their faces blocked out are those the supposed missionaries so then show the faces or is there an issue with that

  2. @coffee addict: The Arizal says that any Yid killed by a goy just for being a Yid has all his aveiros mechupar. So I would not want that kind of death visited on a missionary. It is a kavod to be killed by an Arab terrorist, as terrible as it is.

  3. “The Isaacson family (previously Dawson), who was outed after infiltrating the frum community in Phoenix as well as previously infiltrating kehillos in Dallas and Houston in Texas, Portland, Oregon and Wisconsin, Milwaukee”
    I believe those last words should be switched and should be Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

  4. It was long ago established, here in Phoenix, that though this fraud learned safrus and milah, he did none of that while living in this locale. He may have attempted to infiltrate our khilla, but that was the extent of it.

  5. If the facts are true, these are obviously vile individuals and responsible government agencies and mosdos in EY should be alerted, but perhaps we should forego wishing that any family and children should be murdered.

  6. Since they already know too much Torah, and since unfortunately the cursed regime in Yisroel does not execute the prescribed punishment for the breach of the Noahide prohibition against idolatry, someone should just show these pathetic fools a documentary on YouTube titled “Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus” and help them to deconstruct their stupid archaic Roman propaganda. When you treat their them like a serious threat, it’s almost as if you give their idolatry a koach.

  7. One has to burn the sefer torah they wrote
    Advocating death nowadays sounds like our cousins in Gaza

    The consequences of that rhetoric is being classed as terrorists
    Perhaps as Orthodox Jews if one feels the need to express that sentiment then due process in Halocho in these circumstances could be touted as opposed to sounding so extreme by calling for the accused perpetrators demise
    In any event before being a poysek one should discuss the merits of a case as opposed to shooting from the hip

  8. It’s about time that we were more proactive towards these parasites.

    When I was approached once by one of these senseless deluded individuals who outright asked me why Jews do not accept Christianity I answered that is because Jews have a hereditary abhorrence of idolatry and Christianity IS idolatry.

    He seemed surprised at my answer; he had never heard this before.
    He should have.

    I then had to be specific and explain to him that Christians and Jews do NOT worship the same God.
    We Jews worship the eternal incorporeal God of Abraham.
    Christians worship the image of a dead and tortured Jew hanging on a piece of wood.
    Protestants have a mental image. (He actually had to agree that a mental image is an image!)
    No similarity between the two.

    Christians and Jews have nothing in common. Yes, we have a long historical relationship. But that has always been between [Christian] murderers and [Jewish] victims.

    When we meet professing Christians it is our duty to point out to them that they are Idol worshipers; constantly breaking the first two commandments.
    We should also explain to them that the covenant of Noah is still binding and that they are obligated to keep the seven Noahide commandments.

    I also sometimes explain to them that the TANACH is ours and could they please keep their impure hands and distorted minds away from it. Their supercilious arrogance and unbounded conceit in pretending to know our Bible better than we ourselves do is simply revolting.

    We should take the initiative and missionize them; not wait for them to come to us!