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WATCH: RIFLES IN RUGS: Helmet Cam Footage Of Sechem Op Published

The IDF on Wednesday evening published head camera footage of the hours-long counterterrorism operation in Shechem on Wednesday morning, in which 10 terrorists were killed and over 100 Arabs were wounded.

The video shows Israeli security forces under heavy fire from terrorists while making their way through the alleys of the Old City of Shechem toward the home of the wanted suspects.

A fierce gun battle broke out between Israeli security forces, some of whom were disguised as Palestinians carrying prayer rugs – with rifles hidden inside – and Palestinian terrorists.

The video below shows the Israeli security forces leaving Shechem at the end of the operation:

The IDF spokesperson also revealed that two IDF soldiers were lightly injured from shrapnel from their fellow soldiers’ gunfire at terrorists.

Both soldiers were evacuated to the hospital for treatment.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. What other country would tolerate their soldiers being pelted by stones like the last clip? Allowing that builds up the terrorist bravado – how about a good strong spray of skunk water? Nothing fatal – but just a serious deterrant.

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