“RESISTANCE DAY:” Bibi Arrives At Ben-Gurion In Helicopter As Access Blocked, “Flotilla” At Haifa Port

Mounted police are deployed as Israelis block a main road to protest against plans by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's new government to overhaul the judicial system, in Tel Aviv, Israel, Thursday, March 9, 2023. (AP Photo/Ohad Zwigenberg)

Protests against the Netanyahu government were launched across Israel on Thursday as part of what the protesters have dubbed as “Resistance Day,” with protesters blocking traffic at Ben-Gurion airport, as well as traffic on major highways and intersections across the country and sailing routes at the Haifa port

Protesters focused their efforts on Ben-Gurion Airport due to the scheduled flight of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to Italy at 2 p.m. The prime minister arrived at the airport in a helicopter due to the protests.

Hundreds of protesters at the airport managed to block the access road to Terminal 3, despite the police announcing that it would have zero tolerance toward protesters blocking traffic at the airport.

The police announced beforehand that anyone blocking traffic at the airport would be fined NIS 500 and four points on their license.

Netanyahu and his wife arriving at the airport in a helicopter:

Protests in Tel Aviv:

Meanwhile, protesters in Haifa blocked maritime traffic at the port in a “protest flotilla.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. It’s about time that the left in Israel learns what it feels like for a government to come down on your way of life. Lapid looks real classy now just like a kid in the midst of a tantrum.

  2. If these intrupters are not ANARCHIST I DONT KNOW WHAT ANARCHISM IS?

    In the Jewish state where just 70 years ago they went begging door to door now their PRIVLAGED kids are worse than Hamas because of a SHAM JUDICIARY AND SWAMP ELITE.

    The top flight fighters are refusing to serve?
    With their fancy boats they are blocking trade and Commerace?
    Holding the Israeli flags in their hands,
    Shouting, these people lost election.

    Their Jew hating Leaders LAPID, Olmert, UN, US NGOs like their compatriot Teddy Kollog who was self proclaimed UK SPY and Ben Gourion who shamelessly ordered the shooting of JEWS WHILE THEIR boats with smuggled arms to fight Arabs. These are the Jews who cut the Peyos and made Jews work on shabbos upon arrival to the holy land.

    The Hamans who are paying the bill should be proud.
    The Neo Zionts are the definition of above. Although all the Jews are precious the weeds are presenting them selves in ALL SECTORS.

    Hamas is proud of you.
    The Hizboullah is proud of you.
    Haman and all the enemies of real Jews are proud of you.

    SHAME ON THE PARENTS WHO HAD YOU. You don’t even know what’s the subject matter of JUDICIAL REFORM.
    A gang of mafia who are not elected are able to override the PM?
    They can override the laws set by elected officials?
    They can’t even say Shema Yisroel and want Chametz during pesach?
    They give away Kever Rachel and Yosef to blood thirsty animals as if it belonged to them?
    I love every Jew as should everyone but the Reform movement LEADERSHIPS WITH THE HELP OF JEW HATING PUTZ SON OF PUTZ ARE DESTROYING THE LAND of avot.

    Or are they just going to clean the land of Tumma and move their headquarters to Germany?