Olmert Confidant Zaken Expected to Sign a State Witness Deal


olmShula Zaken, a close confidant of former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and co-defendant in some of Olmert’s criminal trials is about to sign a deal with the state.

According to reports, Zaken is going to sign a cooperation agreement in the Holyland Real Estate case and she will be providing the state with some testimony against the former prime minister in exchange for a deal that addresses a maximum jail term for her.

The state is willing to work with Zaken to strengthen its case in the hope of getting a conviction against Olmert in either the Holyland or Rishon Tours cases. She is expected to testify about information she provided to Olmert pertaining to senior Israel Police officials who were working to eliminate evidence against him in ongoing investigations. She is also likely to shed some light on the mysterious $300,000 in cash from attorney Uri Messer that Olmert claims he never saw and was never aware of its existence.

On the other hand, Zaken’s testimony will be the result of her changing her testimony and this will weaken it considerably. Olmert’s legal team will use this to its advantage in an effort to discredit her testimony.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. So you mean both parties have cooked a winning deal. She will get a lesser term in jail or no jail at all, and his smart lawyers will totally discredit her testimony. A real Israeli solution to a problem.