WATCH: Bnei Brak Residents Lay Tefillin On Left-Wing Protesters


Widespread left-wing protests against the Netanyahu government took place across Israel for the third consecutive week on Thursday.

However, it was the first week that protesters demonstrated in Bnei Brak, blocking the entrance to the municipality and setting up a mock military recruitment center. Some of the protesters continued walking to other areas of Bnei Brak and protested in front of Yeshivas Ponoevezh as first seder was beginning.

Despite the nuisance to the public, at least a couple of Bnei Brak residents saw the protest as an opportunity for kiruv and ahavas Yisrael and offered to lay tefillin for any protesters that were interested.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I noticed that lately everyone is “coming out of the closet” putting on teffilin with unsuspecting strangers in the most usual places. There have been quite a few such stories recently on YWN/

    Once upon a time none besides Chabadskers would do this, while others would mock and find fault in doing so (things like “guf naki”, negel vasser,kavanah, tzneius, even the kitchen sink etc).

    Now it has spread to Litvish, Chassidish, Sefardish…

    These days, is everyone becoming Chabadskers?

    We took back from Chabad their innovations in Kiruv. It’s about time we stole back putting on teffilin on other yidden. Maybe soon we will take back the Ramban too!

    Will we need to become card-carrying members of Chabad or appointed as shlichim?

  2. Maybe we can finally agree that the wide wings and vision of the Rebbe were widespread and is now touching the world? אמת מארץ תצמח

  3. Honestly, I am speechless. Growing up in Litvishe Yeshiva, Chabad putting on Tefilin on others was always scorned and ridiculed as blasphemy….
    Today the Litvishe Oilam is embracing this very campaign by the Lubavitcher Rebbe.
    I for one, as a staunch Litvak, have come full circle and I now learn the Torah of the Lubavitcher weekly.

  4. This reinforces an idea I’ve had for years that all yeshiva bochurim should be given training in doing kiruv (an hour or two a week bein sedarim, not to take away from learning time, but with hands on practical experience going out into the field etc. and learning what actually touches people’s hearts) so that by the time they reach draft age when they go to the lishkat ha-giyus to register or chilila actually go into the army they’ll already be trained kiruv semi-professionals capable to at least planting seeds if not getting people around them to do teshuva. The army would have to give a lot of thought about whether they would really want to let such a Trojan horse into their midst.

  5. @MosheKapoyer
    bluff. in the litvisher world it was never ” ridiculed as blasphemy” !
    it was not done generally, and it was not considered [ for yeshiva bachurim – ] the thing to do, for whatever reason. but its ridiculous and sheker to even suggest that it was “ridiculed as blasphemy”
    if you want to praise lubavitch , fine, but practice ahavs yisrael and dont say /write sheker!

  6. Commonsaychel and shmendreck, why are you pointing out “faults”?

    This guy isn’t from the Chabadskers putting on the tefillin, it’s “our people”, regular Litvish part of klal Yisroel!!

    Give the guy a break! It might be the first time this fellow put tefillin on a secular yid!

    (The video shows the guy wraping the tefillin straps inwards – Chabad winds the straps outwards while we wind the straps inwards!)

    If it would be Chabadskers, by all means, complain and criticize as you usually do. Like, no negel vasser, guf naki, kavona, street non-tzenius, even complain about the kitchen sink. But this is one of “our”guys! Cut him slack.

  7. may this site of community continue…may those small numbers of haters be putting on Tefillim and the women covering their hair over shabbos candles…..the rest….they are all on their own…

  8. according to the SA his peyas are fine
    tha yabia omer paskens that you dont have to take off your watch when putting on tfillin
    and he fixed his shel rosh right after the pic (possibly)