Megaphones During Kriyas HaTorah As Leftists Protest Against Ben-Gvir

Illustrative. Ben-Gvir at police headquarters in Jerusalem, January 9, 2023. (Police spokesperson)

Dozens of leftists protested on Shabbos morning in Kfar Oriyah, near Beit Shemesh, against National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, who was spending Shabbos there with his family.

The protesters shouted into megaphones and blew whistles and horns next to the shul where Ben-Gvir davened. The residents of the yishuv were outraged by their behavior and demanded that the leftists leave immediately.

Clashes between the two groups ensued, including throwing firecrackers, stones, and smoke grenades. Two protesters and one resident of the yishuv were arrested.

Ben-Gvir left the shul wrapped in a tallis under heavy security.

The police issued a statement saying: “Border Guard officers operated in Kfar Oriya following a protest than turned into a public disturbance. Riots began, with insults and clashes between protesters and residents. Border Guard officers from the Mateh Yehudah station separated those involved and acted to repel the rioters after they failed to heed the warnings of the police and dispersal orders.”

Ben-Gvir wrote on Twitter on Motzei Shabbos: “Protest against me as much as you want, I’ll fight for your right to protest. But why yell into megaphones at the windows of a shul, honk, scream, and cause people to be mechallel Shabbat? I’m sure that if was a mosque, you would have respected its leaders. But apparently, everything is permissible against religious Jews. Thank you to the residents of Kfar Oriyah for the wonderful hospitality.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Answer to Ben gvir, you are using the Torah in the most despicable manner possibly to imagin it if better to eat trief then to have such a gross interpretation of the Torah that is given from the religious Zionist and its yeshiva they say clear that we and the Nazi are the same ideally and they will bring them again, do not want to waist my time telling people what they think of the Jewish religion and display it

  2. I m schoked,This leftist chilonim have no respect even not before a shul disturbing mispallemim on Schabbat
    on tefillah.this in a so called Jewish state. Even a goy does not behave like that.Where are the voices of the religion haters,Lapid the am Haaretz, Ganz Lieberman the rascha and Michaelis the jewish hater

  3. GHD, please keep quiet. What racist statements? He has not made any; you are making it up. BG tells the truth, as his rebbe Rav Kahane HYD did. The Torah truth, which you don’t believe in.