The Bostoner Rebbe Shlita on Beit Shemesh Election


bshThe following message was released by the Bostoner Rebbe of Yerushalayim Shlita.

Primaries in Beit Shemesh

Yahadut HaTorah is having primaries for the first time in over 40 years in Beit Shemesh.

Yahadut HaTorah is running three separate lists albeit because they could not agree to run together.

Here is a chance for those who have argued for primaries to stand up and be counted.

In the previous election which was annulled by the court the internal results regarding the combined strength of Yahadut HaTorah was very close to the apportioned 60 percent Agudah 40 percent Degel.

Although Degel(עץ) add the largest number of votes, over 4000 votes

Gimmel (ג) this time around represents mainly the big three; Vishnitz, Belz and Ger who together only received a bit over 3300 votes.

Agudah(כח) , representing all the small chassidiyot and small kehilot received over 2800 votes and were just 45 votes short of a second mandate which would have given them the same number of city council members as Gimmel

Agudah (כח) — Gimmel together had over 6000 votes and Degel(עץ) had over 4000 votes thus proving at least in Beit Shemesh that the formula of 60/40 was correct.

Many did not believe that Agudah (כח) would have more support than any of the three large courts yet percentage wise the big 3 divided 3300 votes giving them only 1100 each, while Agudah (כח) received over 2800 proving that they truly represent the largest single Chassidic list of Beit Shemesh. These votes came from all the smaller Chassidic groups as well as from the unaffiliated Americans and Agudistim who desire representation and know that they will not be accorded the notice they desire with regard to their needs in the city by the other factions of Yahadut HaTorah.

Every person and every family has needs, be it education so that their children will be accepted in the schools that they desire. Intervention at city hall for parks and facilities in their neighborhoods but most of all someone they can contact who will relate to them when they are in need.

Personally this is why I am associated with Agudah (כח) as the big three as well as Degel are, understandably so, involved in their own needs and have their specific agenda.

If you are a Torah true Jew who wants to see your children flourish in Yiddishkheit and have your family’s needs represented in Beit Shemesh (and by impact around the country) I ask you to see this election as a primary for your own wellbeing. Choose those who will seek out and work for your interests and do not vote for those who you feel represent either a specific grouping or who will not represent you.

But whatever your leanings and most important of all, I ask you to be sure and vote so that the future of Beit Shemesh will continue to be one where Torah is foremost and Yiddishkheit will flourish.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. This is just make believe. There are no “primaries”. There are three separate lists. There is the Chassidic list of “Gimmel”, the Degel HaTorah list of the litvish community and the private list of Rabbi Mayer Porush who cannot get on with Gimmel any more. Porush is likely to be decimated this time as the Chassidish community realize that what is needed is a strong presence on the next city council in Beit Shemesh and that the real leaders of the Chassidic community have asked all their followers to vote for the Chassidishe list not a private party set up by Porush who is now a has been in political terms. And just by the way who is the Bostoner Rebbe of Yerushalayim Shlita to offer his views and convoluted logic in support of his old friend Rabbi Mayer Porush? He has no chassidim either in Yerushalayim or Beit Shemesh.