WATCH: Netanyahu: “We Thwarted The Entire Leadership Of Islamic Jihad”


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu opened the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday morning by praising Israel’s accomplishments during Operation Shield and Arrow, which ended with a ceasefire agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group on Motzei Shabbos.

“Last night we successfully completed five days of fighting against the terrorist organization of the Islamic Jihad. Before the start of the operation, the instructions I issued together with the Defense Minister to the IDF and the Shin Bet can be summed up in two words: ‘Initiative and surprise’. Yesterday I congratulated the IDF Chief of Staff and the head of the Shin Bet – also with two words: ‘Well done’. And the execution was indeed perfect. With complete surprise and continuous initiative, we thwarted the entire leadership of the Islamic Jihad in Gaza. We destroyed 17 PIJ command centers, eliminated dozens of terrorists, hit rocket and missile depots, thwarted anti-tank squads and more.

“For months, since the establishment of the government, I have been saying again and again: Whoever hurts us, whoever tries to hurt us – his blood will be on his head. Today, Israel’s enemies in Gaza and far beyond Gaza, know that even if they try to hide, we can and are willing to reach them at any time. This recognition was significantly strengthened during Operation Shield and Arrow. We changed the equation.”

Netanyahu thanked the IDF and the Shin Bet: “To the commanders, IDF soldiers, the men and women of the Shin Bet for their important work in defense and attack, and to you – the citizens of Israel, and especially to the residents of the Gaza envelope, thank you for your backing and steadfastness that allowed us to succeed in this important operation. In the course of the operation, including last night, I was in constant contact with the heads of the regional authorities in the Gaza envelope. I would like to thank the director-general of my office Yossi Shelley, for his dedicated work.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The only sentence Missing in PM Netanyahu’s speech is thanking G-d for granting us success. There is not one sentence of gratitude- thanking the One above for his help!

  2. Lik Zelensky, and putin etc, when things are looking bad for yourself, the best thing to do is to get yourself into war to portray yourself as a hero, rather than the scumbag you really are.
    Like zelensky, just before the war, he had the worst ratings, they wanted him out. suddenly he’s a hero. the same goes in every land in this oilam hasheker….

  3. Bibi is a piece of work and nothing more than sly fox politician hardly better than the rest of the garbage Israeli PMs in the past. He cares more about his optics that the welfare of the citizens.

    You want to truly defend your country from rockets, take out the battery launchers as they barrage. The world will get over the collatral damage.
    You want to defend your country from a virus, don’t suppress early treatment and clinicians.

    This PM like most previous, cave to outside pressure and deal with solution optics rather than tackling the actual problem directly.

  4. To coffee addict
    There is a hashem but the Israeli intelligence has tools that are known for many years to the Arabs that tell the Israeli satilites and army everything they want to know it is simply tools known to the entire world that Israel if using that helps them know everything so the only hashem here is that the Arabs are not doing this themselves for some reason not known to nobody and it does not make sense

  5. One of my favorite city in Israel is Cesaria, and you should see those marvelous mansions, it’s not just Mariah carey who owns one of those.. Not just her..