Haaretz Reporter Mocks Netilas Yadayim On El Al Flight, Is Flooded With Mocking Responses

Uri Misgav Twitter

Haaretz journalist Uri Misgav mocked the netilas yadayim cup he found installed in the bathroom of El Al’s 787 Dreamliner plane and received hundreds of mocking comments in return.

Misgav posted a photo of the “horrifying sight” on Twitter, writing: “El Al presents a technological innovation. In the lavatories of the 787 Dreamliner, the masterpiece of Boeing’s creation – a metal jug was installed for Netilas Yadayim k’hilchasa.”

Fellow Haaretz reporter Chaim Levinson responded: “I don’t understand why it bothers you. If you want, use it and if not, don’t use it. How does it harm you?”

Shas MK Uriel Busso wrote: “Horrible, let’s block the Ayalon Highway.”

Business consultant Micah Shalom wrote: “Sweetie, you’re starting up with the wrong generation. If we want a Netilas Yadayim cup, we’ll demand it and get it. You’re welcome to fly with Turkish Airlines and report from Berlin how much you persecute Bibi.”

Another surfer wrote. “What can be done, Uri? El Al was bought by the ‘parasites’ who don’t pay taxes and it goes on strike on Shabbat and puts a Netilas Yadayim cup in the sinks.”

Another social media user responded: “Wait until you see the flight attendants offering Tefillin to the passengers.”

B’Chadrei Chareidim reporter Moshe Weisberg tweeted a video of another “horrifying case of ‘religionization’ on a flight,” writing:  “The religionization on flights after the shock of the Netilas Yadayim cup on El Al.”

“A friend sent a [a video] of another incident of religionization on a flight to Riyadh – the pilot says a ‘tefillas haderech’ prayer over the loudspeaker prior to take-off.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Um…is it just me or does YWN seeem to have an unhealthy obsession with Haaretz reporters. These people are fringe and extreme and are unlike most chilonim or even most left wing people. If you personally associate with chilonim all day, you realize that these people are just attention seeking and looking for a reaction. Yet, it strikes me that YWN readers think that most chilonim are like these crazy people. Nothing can be further from the truth. Please provide more balance and nuance in your reporting!

  2. The interesting detail – a chain. Is ElAl afraid of people doing netlias yadayim appropriating the cup, or that a Haaretz journalist sends it down the drain to protest religious coercion? Similarly, I see sometimes attached coat hangers in shuls – did anyone ever take a hanger home?!

  3. “soon the stewardess will finish their pre flight speech with a short dvar Halacha….”

    Not a bad idea although I’m sure that some idiots would jump up and scream that women shouldn’t be allowed to offer such divrei torah

  4. @jpa: Per the photo, this is in the stall – there are no sinks outside the restrooms.
    I understand your unasked question: How can one wash Netilas Yadayim IN the bathroom? The answer is that our bathrooms, with their flushing systems, are considered by most Poskim to be ALMOST the same as “Beis kise shel parsiyim” – Persian outhouses were built in such a way that anything dropped into them immediately rolled or flowed away through a tunnel/pipe, and did not remain there. Thus the place was clean and had no issues. Our toilets are similar because after flushing, nothing remains in them. However, because it is not swept away IMMEDIATELY, they are not exactly the same. In any case, once flushed, and the toilet cover is lowered, it it possible to wash hands there. It is, of course, preferable to wash outside, but in cases such as these, where there is no place to wash outside, one may wash inside as well. Just remember to wait and say Asher Yatzar outside…

  5. how far can chillonim go.Why dont the write about the guy parade who is only for goyim.And that they pay the left protesters to protest against the elected gouverment.

  6. The plumber simply got it wrong! He was asked to ensure people would easily understand what to do when a good old-fashioned sign had been put up that said “please pull the chain after use”.

  7. danny boy,

    Um…it’s just you, fool. First you insist they protest peacefully while ignoring the regular stories and pictures of their violence. Then you insist their anti-Semitic articles and cartoons are legitimate political commentary. Now you insist that the honest reporting about these secular scumbags shows an “unhealthy obsession”.

    It’s obvious that you side with them which is no surprise, considering what a mah-yafis, jackbooted, kapo thug you are.

  8. Someone said above that the stewardesses will finish their speech with a dvar halacha
    lollll literally — that is what happened when i came back to eretz yisroel after being in the u.s. for pesach
    the jewish delta flight attendant wanted to make sure no one would make a minyan onboard so she said, “Harav Shteinman pasak she’adif litpallel bamakom shelcha misibot sakanat chaim v'” — GET THIS, PEEPS — “V’kavana batfilla”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i burst out laughing
    my wife turns to me (and dw she’s not a kanoi like me; she gets mad at me when i call tziyoinim nazis) anyways, she turns to me and she’s like, “ummmm, is she even shomer shabbos”
    gotta love those chiloinim hahahaha
    easier to get a minyan w goyishe stewardesses
    Side halachic point: i think that besides any other reason for/against making a minyan on a plane, and im not opining on that, and if rav shteinman really said that, then certainly we should follow that, etc., not my point here, but…. i stam think we shouldnt make minyanim on planes, bc i once a few years ago was participating in a plane minyan (which had the full approval of the staff) and i realized that it was a terrible thing since even though we all crammed next to each other, i dont believe nine people heard the chazzan over the insane roar of the motor… so that was halachically terrible…

  9. @Alex Chaimowitz
    You chapped the unasked question. Dreamliner interiors are customized for individual airlines, so would not be surprised if this request would take place by the frum CEO.
    Aside from netila/nekius, flushing the lavatory should always be done with the seat closed to protect you ears from the extreme negative pressure (from the suction in an small enclosed space) and to prevent viral plume spread.