DESPITE INCITEMENT: Watch Moving Video Of Kavod HaTorah In IDF


The reports in recent days of rampant incitement against Chareidim and religion could convey an impression as if those are the feelings of the majority of Israelis.

But in reality, there are millions of Israelis [including the millions who voted for the current government] who have warm feelings toward religion, even if not fully religious themselves.

In a heartwarming display of kavod ha’Torah, IDF soldiers sang for Chief Rabbi HaRav Yosef Yitzchak, as seen in a video posted by Kikar H’Shabbat reporter Yishai Cohen.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. He’s speaking to frum soldiers apparently. What’s the shaychus to how the chilonim appreciate or don’t appreciate Torah Jews?

  2. @Ibj, this is much worse than the vatican.
    as the gemara says, not like an avodah zara of a goy, an avodah zara of a yid can never have a real bitul, unless he himself is mevatel it….

  3. pureyidd, how on earth is being part of the army and walking around with a rifle and yarlmuka avodah zara? they are protecting am yisroel in eretz hakodesh, something the people of the country obviously need unless you want to get slaughtered by arabs all the time…

    the only avodah zara here is coming from people like you who follow a twisted & false hashkofa that goes patently against the chumash and tanach

  4. read my point again, i feel no need to repeat, and if you still don’t understand, than lwt me tell you, you are a living proof of my point- re- destroying a”z.