ISRAEL ON EDGE: Panic, Injuries In Tel Aviv Café After Woman Screams

The aftermath of a false terror attack threat at a cafe in Tel Aviv. (Twitter)

Israelis are constantly on edge due to the large number of terror attacks in recent times as illustrated by an incident in a Tel Aviv café on Motzei Shabbos.

A woman sitting in a bar on Rechov Dizengoff spotted a cockroach and screamed in panic, yelling “ג’וק” (cockroach). However, people sitting in in an adjoining café thought she was screaming about a terrorist and began fleeing the scene in panic.

“It was the scariest thing that ever happened to me,” a witness told Mako. “Suddenly there was screaming. People panicked and overturned tables. Everyone began shrieking and running and trampling each other. Glasses and plates shattered and people fell on the shattered glass and were cut and other people stepped on them.”

Another witness told Mako: “People were frightened by the screams and started running in all directions, knocking over tables. Due to the commotion, people were injured. I saw a man with blood on his face who looked like he was in shock and two girls whose legs were full of cuts.”

“At least five police cars, an ambulance, and paramedics arrived at the scene. It was really terrible.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)



  1. If גרמא בנזיקין חייב (I know it’s פטור, but if it was חייב) who would be מחייב? The lady that shrieked or the restaurant because they weren’t clean enough to not have cockroaches?

  2. Straight out of the tochacha: “viNastem viAin rodeif eschem”.
    The Zionists didn’t and don’t care about Jewish lives, only about Zionism. This is but one small result of the Zionist shmad of replacing the Jewish people and faith with Zionism.

  3. This was obviously unfortunate, but it is categorically false to say that Eretz Yisroel is on edge.
    Eretz Yisroel is not on edge; oho, maybe it should be, but it is not.
    Quit the silly drama.

  4. As far as I’m aware, גרמא בניזקין is Chayav midiney shomayim. A chiyuv just like krias shema and tefilin.
    Not that this seems like gromo without kavono or anything.

  5. Dear Reb Coffee Addict,

    I respectfully disagree with your statement, “Grama b’nezikin patur.”

    Please quote the entire halachah, “Grama b’nezikin patur b’dinei adam v’chai-yav b’dinei Shomayim.” See Aruch HaShulchan Choshen Mishpat 386:1.

    Halacha does not authorize a contemporary bais din to exact payment from someone who causes grama damage. Instead, HKBH, himself, will exact the payment. One should understand the phrase “chai-yav b’dinei Shomayim” the way an out-of-control child understands his impotent mother’s warning, “Just wait until your father gets home.”

    “Patur b’dinei adam” means that no contemporary bais din has the authority to require Mr. Grama Damager to pay for grama damage he has caused. However, halacha warns him, in effect, “But just wait until your Father (in Shomayim) gets involved in the case.” If you do not understand my message, ask your rebbe or rav what “chai-yav b’dinei Shomayim” means.