AFTER MONTHS OF HARASSMENT: US Billionaire Ends Funding To Israeli Think Tank


Jewish-US billionaire Arthur Dantchik, one of the main donors of the conservative think tank Kohelet Policy Forum in Jerusalem, announced last week that he is ending his funding to the group, which was involved in the development of the government’s judicial reform plan.

Dantchik issued the statement following months of harassment by Israeli anarchists living in the US, who protested at loud volumes with megaphones outside his home and offices and even his shul. One protest in his offices ended only when police officers arrived at the scene and threatened to arrest the protesters.

Dantchik, a resident of Philadelphia, is an extremely private person who stays away from the press and never grants interviews. Nevertheless, the leftist bullies publicly shamed him by buying ad space in a Philadelphia-based Jewish newspaper and posting a full-page ad with the word SHAME above a photo of his face. Ironically, the ad, organized by Israeli yordim living in the US, stated: “Neither you nor your children will bear the consequences for the disastrous agenda you’re promoting in our country. Get your hands off our democracy!”

Twitter/Shany Granot-Lubaton

According to a Jewish Press report, the protests against Dantchik were organized by Shany Granot-Lubaton, one of the leaders of the anarchist protests against the Israeli government in the US and a former parliamentary adviser to former Labor MK Shelly Yachimovich. She runs a Whatsapp group called UnXeptable NYC 4 ISRAELI DEMOCRACY which organized the protests against Israeli politicians who traveled to New York in June for the annual Celebrate Israel Parade.

The video below shows the Israeli ex-pats protesting outside Dantchik’s home in Philadelphia in March.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I’m sure the irony of using fascist tactics to get their way while yelling about the end of democracy is lost on these leftist sheep.

  2. The shame is that these anarchists and anti democracy lunatics have succeeded! That is the shame! They succeeded! Sad day for Israel and sad day fir democracy! WOKE has victored, normalcy has fallen!