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Storm Arises After “Anti Judicial Reform” Anarchists Provoke Chassidim On Separate Bus

With the Knesset on its summer break and the judicial reform on hold, the anarchists, who are ostensibly against the judicial reform plan, are itching for something to screech about. They were assisted in the task by the left-wing media, which recently blew up a number of stories in recent weeks about so-called discrimination against women in the public sphere.

The stories are sometimes false, sometimes widely exaggerated, and in all cases, are completely unconnected to the government. Nevertheless, left-wing groups and some politicians, including Yisrael Beiteinu chairman Avigdor Lieberman, decided to “protest” against the incidents on Wednesday by creating provocations on separate bus lines. Groups of men and women, some inappropriately dressed, boarded separate bus lines in Ashdod, where many chassidim live, and tried to create provocations.

Lieberman’s attempts were a complete failure, with the Chareidi bus passengers completely ignoring him.

However, footage of women belonging to the Achim B’Neshek protest group singing loudly on a bus full of Gerrer chassidim, was met with a storm of condemnation, even from leftists. The women purposely sang while the bus was moving so the chassidim were unable to get off the bus.

“Such images made sense in Germany,” wrote journalist Shimon Riklin. “Not in the Jewish state.”

Walla reporter Yaki Adamkar wrote: “Finally, these people reveal their true faces – hate, hate, hate. No other words are necessary.”

Kan News reporter Omri Chaim wrote: “A group of ‘democratic heroes’ purposely harass the Chareidim – with a smile on their faces. What times we’re in – there are those for whom everything is permitted and those against whom everything is permitted. This scene is sickening.”

Writer Yuval Bloomberg wrote: “The only feeling I have from watching this video is a deep disgust and nausea for the protest mob. A collection of street gangs, seeking to incite provocations and violence. How can a person of conscience see this and still feel part of this rot? What decent person can watch this and still identify with such a vile form of protest? Is this your way? Is this really what you have become?”

Many people commented on the smiles on the women’s faces, enjoying watching their own brethren suffer as they gleefully trampled their religious sensibilities.

Journalist Avi Ravina wrote: “‘Enemies in Arms.’ I’ve seen very few Jews with such hatred. I doubt their Jewishness.”

Below is a video of Lieberman boarding a Chareidi bus line in Ashdod.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. If yeshivaworld has the decency to post girls singing, what do u want from the clueless not religious girls who want to please their “team” in the unfortunate colorwar out there??

  2. Those that scream racists are the biggest racists

    Those that indict for election interference are outright riggers and stealers of elections on the grandist scale.

    Those that cry discrimination are the biggest bigots and haters you’ll meet.

    Those that talk about insurrection on the seat of democracy, would do that and do do that ten times over, when it suits their goals.

    Anything and everything emanating from a leftist / liberal / Democratic rasha should be treated as the height of sheker and hypocrisy, not be given an ounce of coverage nor legitimacy.

  3. how dare this happen in Israel….bless our Chareidim….bless every prayer every knee bent and every child who goes to Yehshiva..216 years till 6000, enough money to support all YIDDEN…LEARNING a must , these awful liberals and hateful people have no souls….it is just a Kapporah…..we will survive this…they won’t

  4. Ger Chasidim? They’re the typical Chareidi Zionists. Guess being a Zionist, doesn’t even help. but u cant pick and choose which form of Zionism pleases u.


  5. “The stories are sometimes false, sometimes widely exaggerated…” – and unfortunately, sometimes true, such as the incident with the soldiers on the train.

    These incidents by “protestors” are unquestionably wrong, but there are incidents both ways. And the tone-deaf attempts by the Chareidi parties to push through the draft law – a law almost all Israelis, including those on the right of the political spectrum and non-Chareidi religious find offensive in its sense of entitlement – don’t help any.

    By way of background, much of the reason for the ire directed at Chareidim is due to their perceived support for judicial reform – which they have been pushing for mainly since they want to stop the Supreme Court from overturning yet another Chareidi draft-exemption bill. This contrasts with the general “what is more democratic” philosophical arguments amongst others – the Chareidi community is seen as being less interested in democracy and more interested in protecting their own interests. This does not justify what took place in any way, shape, or form, but does help understand the underlying tensions.

    an Israeli Yid

  6. The reform movement brought on the holocaust. These women are self-hating totally ignorant Jews who seek to break down our religion. Completely Lost souls and on self-destructive path. If they don’t want the land Hasten gave to us – let them leave. The sooner the better, we are growing and here to stay

  7. Since the left has lost the elections and the chances of new elections are slim, so they are letting out their anti Jewish, anti religious, anti charadi hatred.
    Why do they hate us?
    Because they know that in Israel their numbers are diminishing as the population of the religious increases. AND there is no know cure for the left to get back as the leaders. They lost, and lost big.

  8. The title of the article includes the words “Anarchists Provoke Chassidim”. A better title would be “Shkuhtzim provoke Yidden”. Maskim?

    May the Aibishter bring the geula quickly and destroy the resha’im from our midsts amen.

  9. In the good old days back in the 50s and 60s, even the police were afraid to start up with Gerrer chasidim, as they would find themselves with broken bones or missing teeth.
    Would have loved to see some of these filthy rabies-infected sewer rat witches, end up with some missing teeth or fractured noses.
    Guess, even Gerrer Chasidim are not made like they used to make them.

  10. If they would have anything like this in Iran or any Arab country, they would be dead by now! In the US or Europe, police would have arrested them but in Zionist state….

  11. @cousinsue

    “ The reform movement brought on the holocaust. ”

    no, sin’at hinam, including what you just said, has plagued the jewish people since the day that his brothers sold yosef to the ishmaelites.

    you should go back to whoever told you such rubbish and demand an apology. if moshe rabbeinu couldn’t say such a thing, neither can you. hilul hashem never made anyone superior.

  12. shloimeboruch no he is right. The is exactly what caused the Holocaust just look at what gedoilim like rav Elchonon Wasserman said at the time about reform.

    Klal yisroel has had enough of this stupid liberal hippy mentality of loving and tolerating everyone including your enemies.

  13. ““Such images made sense in Germany,” wrote journalist Shimon Riklin. “Not in the Jewish state.””

    Actually, that would be the Zionist, not Jewish, State.
    So, that makes sense.

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