Terem Connected to the Death of Jerusalem Toddler Again


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teremOnce again a Terem emergency clinic in Yerushalayim is in the news in connection to the petira of a child. In the most recent case, 3-year-old Meir Rubinstein z”l was found in cardiac arrest on Shabbos morning in the capital r”l. Prior to this latest case, Terem was in the media after it was learned Yael and Avigail Gross z”l were also brought to Terem and they too were sent home. Medical askan Rabbi Benny Fischer instructs the tzibur not to rely on Terem in an hour of need –to stay far away from the private emergency medical clinic.

According to preliminary reports in the latest case, Terem has released a statement that the child who was checked and released from a clinic was brought in for diarrhea. The medical staff conducted comprehensive diagnostic testing on the child including blood tests and the treatment conformed to standards of appropriate medical care for a child in the condition of the child in question.

Terem officials express “sorrow” over the incident but point out “hundreds of thousands of patients are treated in its clinics annually and Terem clinics operate in line with the highest medical standards”.

The levaya for 3-year-old Meir Rubinstein z”l was held on motzei Shabbos. The child was niftar in the home of his grandfather Rav Moshe Betzalel Burzikovsky in Shikun HaRabbonim in the capital.

The grief stricken father, R’ Avigdor Rubinstein stated at the levaya “Just a week ago I wrapped you in a tallis and brought you to cheider. Now, I wrap you in a tallis against on your final journey”

The child was buried in the Gur section near the admorim of the Gur dynasty on Har HaZeisim.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Ahh! To be SO frum that the laws of loshon horo and r’chilus don’t apply to me! I suppose “Rabbi” Benny Fisher was instructed by HKB’H Himself to be judge and executioner for a facility that, in fact, provides exceptionally high quality medical care to its clients.

    For shame!

  2. sick! I know them very well. This child was adorable. he has his upsherin last week. Terem has a new way of getting away with murder and that is to say that the child must’ve caught a flesh eating or vital organ eating bacteria which comes swiftly and viciously. Now, this is a real fatal disease but lately they’re telling it to all kinds of kids even those that are just running a fever. They scare the parents but this is a way for them to protect themselves. Cus there’s nothing to do about it. In this case, when the child was at terem they said everything is takin. Just when his mother esti who has checked on him a few times that night and when he slept late a bit figured: “poor kid was up so late cus of terem, I’ll let him sleep a bit more” and then checked on him an hour later and saw him blue all over. After that when hatzala had taanos against terem did terem say; oh, it must’ve been the flesh eating or whatever disease. Again, just so they protect themselves. Instead of admitting; that here is a child that was just a few hours away from death and it wasn’t sudden; there were signs. he ran a high fever, had blood stains in his bowl and had a diarreah….. This is the sickest medical system ever!! a life is just another number!

  3. daddeutsh- it is silly to think that rchilus applies to the case before us. If in fact the opinion of Rav Freurer is based on his expansive medical experience, then he in fact has a responsibility to state it. Listeners can judge to accept his opinion based on their own experiences. I for one have had positive experiences there but I by no means profess to know more than Rav F. and therefore appreciate his opinion and will consider it in my decision-making.

  4. daddeutch:
    You sound so ignorant and with such a major agenda when commenting like this. This is not the first tragic story of negligence of terem in the last few months neither is it the second and nor the third. Terem is a govt funded place and unfortunately most govt workers do not go above the call of duty; especially in israel. And yes, it’s the people like benny fischer that have no alterior motives and don’t get paid. Just want to help another yid. B”H for them!

  5. Another child was nifter, R”L. It’s not Terem’s fault, it’s ours. Hashem is sending us a very strong message to do teshuva. How much more do we have to suffer C”V before we get His message?

  6. To accuse medical personnel or anyone else of negligence is a very serious matter. Such an accusation should only be made if it is clearly true. If it is clearly true it is probably an obligation to publicize it – “lo saamod al dam re’acha”. The problem is if people make accusations based on emotions rather than on clear facts, and then we have “motzi shem ra”.