Housing Minister Backs Lapid’s Zero VAT Housing Plan


arielHousing Minister Uri Ariel has expressed opposition to the component of the new Zero Value Added Tax plan of Finance Minister Yair Lapid that discriminates against chareidim.

However it appears that despite his statements expressing objections to the bill, the housing minister will support it in its present form, which includes qualifications viewed as anti-chareidi and anti-Arab.

In an interview appearing in the weekend edition of Yisrael Hayom, Ariel explained he will not back the bill, stating “Lapid wants it without chareidim and I will not back it as such…”

However on Sunday, 21 Adar II, The Marker reports the minister met with Lapid and worked out a plan to advance his Zero VAT plan for young couples to buy their first apartment without paying 18% value added tax, a sizeable discount. However, the eligibility requirements of the bill include;

1. At least one member of the couple must have served in the IDF or an approved national service

2. At least one of the couple must be working.

According to a “The Marker” report on Sunday, the finance minister’s bill is moving ahead with the support of his colleague from Bayit Yehudi, Housing Minister Ariel, after the two met.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Before we all go off on this as “anti Charedi” let’s consider that:

    1. The US government gives all sorts of benefits to veterans inclusive of housing and education

    2. Ensuring one of the owners has a job makes it more likely a mortgage will be paid

    Now let’s have at it!!

  2. Aml,
    You like so many others fall victim to the israeli media, and fail to truly understand and appreciate lomdei Torah and their protection for Eretz yisrael. To compare the US and its war veterans and EY and the IDF is plain missing the boat. Get over it Lapid has proven himself e to be a Torah hater time and time again.

  3. Shanon, no one doubts Mr. Lapid’s motives. He is Tommy’s son and clearly this particular apple did not fall far from the tree. Having said that, there is ample precedent for this type of a program.

  4. @ #1:
    If the VAT discount preceded the imprisonment for yeshiva
    students, reduction of child payment allowances, and other measures, one could perhaps see this as an inducement to military participation. As it is, coming at this late date, one can only see it as a further measure to punish people for following the hareidi lifestyle