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AUDIO: Greenfield Slams Hikind During Radio Show; Knockout Victim Says Hikind Never Even Spoke Him

hikCouncilman David Greenfield criticized Borough Park Assemblyman Dov Hikind for creating ‘machlokes’ and ‘sinas chinam’ over an alleged knockout attack that an NYPD source rushed to dismiss.

Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who was in Albany for session at the time and did not speak to the victim, criticized Mr. Greenfield and the various outlets that carried the story for reporting the incident without providing concrete evidence to the victim’s claim.

“My staff and I have been involved in so many of these attacks,” Assemblyman Hikind’s statement read. “It’s important not to make statements until matters are clarified. Sending out false alarms and panicking people is counter-productive. We do our homework first, as we did in this case. The police made it very clear to us on Tuesday, immediately after we were called, that this matter was not indeed a Knockout Attack, so why call it that? We have enough real problems to address. We’re all capable of making mistakes but we must be careful.”

Addressing the incident on his weekly radio program, Mr. Greenfield lashed out at Hikind, whom he referred to as “the other elected official.”

“I was shocked, really shocked and so disappointed. It’s so unfortunate the ‘sinas chinam’ (baseless hatred) that we have today, that another elected official – another so-called frum elected official – decided to issue a press release today not only attacking the victim but attacking us as well,” said Mr. Greenfield.

“And here is the crazy thing: The victim tells me the other elected official never spoke to him. So what kind of investigation did this other elected official do that he decides to attack another frum elected official, who’s trying to do his job and fight for the community?” Mr. Greenfield asked.

“I am really, really outraged today. Here I am – I work hard, I work from early morning till late at night. And other people who have nothing better to do, nothing positive to add to the conversation, all they do is take potshots at you,” he said. “From another frum elected official to take a potshot at me, to say, ‘oh, what are you doing?’ What am I doing? I am doing my job! My job is to represent and to advocate on behalf of my constituents, and yes, Jews at large. And if a Jew – or non-Jew – comes into my community, even if they are not a registered voter, we help them because that’s what we do. And if somebody comes into my community as a tourist and they feel they get attacked, well, I’ll tell you what other elected official: I am going to fight for them. And shame on you for criticizing me, shame on you for creating machloikes (conflict), shame on you for sinas chinem and shame on you for criticizing a victim, because he is a victim.”

Listen to audio of Greenfield discussing this incident on his radio program:

Music Hosting – Listen Audio – Greenfield Lashes out At Hik…

“To say he was engaged in false reporting and ‘these are dangerous habits’ and to stir up this kind of sinas chinom…[is] really outrageous,” Greenfield concluded.

(Chaim Shapiro – YWN)

11 Responses

  1. Since Dov reads every single word written here, including his son Yoni, despite them both saying that they don’t, let me say the following.

    There has never been a politician who jumps to release statements about hate crimes more than Hikind before they have been thoroughly investigated. This INCLUDES KNOCKOUT ATTACKS. He knows exactly what I am referring to.

    Let me end off by informing the public of something:

    Remember that major hate crime in Flatbush on Ocean Parkway, when numerous cars were torched, and hate slurs written everywhere? That HORRIBLE hate crime, that had Hikind running wild for a few weeks?

    Here is a well-kept secret: Hikind knew all along that a JEWISH PERSON WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE “HATE CRIME” AND DID IT FOR AN INSURANCE CLAIM.

    He is an attention-seeking despicable politician.

    I have remained silent for a long time, but now the time is ripe to start peeling the blackface off of him.

  2. Contrary to what some believe, screaming “hate crime” only brings more “hate crime”

    Yes, of course hate crimes as well as any other crime need to be punished of course to the fullest extend of the law, still, we need to keep more quite…… Not always be screaming; people hate me because I am Jewish

    It does not bring any good, tagging every crime as “hate related”

  3. What difference does it make what you’re going to call it? We know what allegedly happened. You say potato I say potato. It’s still a potato.

  4. To commenter #3:
    The “peeling the blackface off him” remark was a gratuitous, over the top, cheap shot/low blow at reb hikind and I’m very upset at you for posting this comment before I was able to.

  5. #5- it was daily news article, also published on YWN

    it’s a fact.

    hikind knew this all along.

    he is an evil, selfish person who must be thrown out of office at all costs. and this will I”H be happening in the next race.

    just wait until the maimonides hospital investigation continues….oh boy will we hear some good information of what a shakeer-downer this guy has been.

    sure, advertise on my radio show, and i’ll do you favors.

    of course.

    mafia style.

    this is not lashon haran. this is litoeles. he must be defeated. he is a walking chillul shem shomayim.

  6. #3 Can you expand on the investigation of maimonides hospital? This is more important to all of this part of Brooklyn than any politician. Many people suffer there due to bad policy and management failure.

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