Report: Unpaid Tolls Rose On No-Cash NYC Bridge


ezpas.jpgA published report finds that the amount of uncollected tolls on a New York bridge skyrocketed after electronic E-ZPass systems replaced all cash toll lanes.

The Journal-News examines toll collections on the Henry Hudson Bridge in a story published late Saturday. Cash lanes were eliminated in November 2012.

The newspaper says Metropolitan Transportation Authority figures show some $1.6 million in tolls went unpaid from November 2012 through September 2013. That’s compared to $180,810 November 2011 through October 2012.

E-ZPass transponders pay tolls electronically. But some drivers go through E-ZPass lanes without transponders. Cameras capture their license plates, and bills are sent in the mail.

But the Journal-News says one-third of those bills are disregarded.

The MTA declined to comment on the figures but noted that E-ZPass systems smooth traffic.