BREAKING: Vishnitzer Chosid, Father Of 3, And Melamed In Cheder, Arrested At IDF Induction Center


prisonA 23-year-old father of 3 children has been arrested at an IDF induction center, Monday afternoon. The Avreich, who is a Visnitzer Chosid, is a resident of Ashdod, and a Rebbe in the Vishnitzer Cheder in Bnei Brak.

According to reports, the man received notice that he must be at the induction center on Monday. Upon receiving this news, the man went to the Vishnitzer Rebbe for advice. The Rebbe reportedly told him to take his Tallis and Tefillin, since he would most probably be incarcerated, and to report to the induction center as requested. He also added that he should only speak in Yiddish, and refuse to speak to the authorities in Hebrew, or cooperate with any of their questions.

As expected, the man was taken into custody at the Tel Hashomer induction center.

(Chaim Shapiro – YWN)


  1. This is a declaration of war by the zionist state of “Israel” against the Torah community. And we must fight on behalf of the Torah with our lives if necessary.

  2. I wonder if some of these induction centers have any yiddish-speakers, or yiddish translators. And I wonder what this man, or others like him, will do then.

  3. Hmmm, I thought that the government said that NOBODY will be taken to jail. This one will be number 3 of the ones known to the news since Purim.

  4. Was he in yeshiva? or was he working without approval from the IDF? if you live in the country, you have to play by the rules.

  5. Will the admur instruct his representative in the knesset to do the same? He and his brother-in-law of Beldz are sounding a lot like their third brother-in-law, the admur od satmar.

  6. Dumb of the Israelis. They could end up supporting his family in a better style to which they have not been accustomed. And this is hardly someone they want as a soldier – even if they got him in the army his loyalty to the state could not be assured. He’s a member of a group that generally supports Satmar, meaning they hold that the war is contrary to the Torah. Do the zionists really want to give free publicity to their opposition? It won’t be long before they start requesting Amnesty International and the International Committee of the Red Cross to include them in their program for keeping track of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience.

    Two years ago most Israeli hareidim had a “live and let live” attitude, and only a few marginal nutcases were into making trouble. It now appears that over 5% of the Israeli Jewish population is ready to actively oppose the state.

  7. the avreich will be able to avoid influence in prison if he speaks Yiddish there since it will remind him what he represents. this is the plan of the rebbe. please tell us his name so we could daven for him. thank you

  8. #1- Empty bravado. The only people who actually put their life on the line are the soldiers of the IDF. Talk is cheap.

    #2- He neglected to report to the induction center. Had he done so, as the vast majority of talmidim do, he would not be in trouble. Now he’s AWOL.

    #3- The army found a Yiddish speaking soldier on base. He refused to talk to her.

    #4- Nobody who complied with the law has been sent to jail.

  9. straightshooter:

    and what happens when the country you live in breaks the rules? The zionist leadership made a deal with the chareidim all the way back in 1947: in return for chareidim not petitioning the UN for autonomous status, the zionists agreed to exempt bochurim from military service. The zionists have reneged and the chareidim have every right to resist.

  10. He was arrested for not answering the questions. This is like being arrested in the US for misbehaving in a court.

    Nobody has been arrested for learning. Nobody has been arrested for not serving. People have only been arrested for a failure to fill out forms.

  11. mayerfreund : Kiddush ha-Shem. He is standing up for a moral principle even though it isn’t in his economic interests to do so. Rather than evading the draft (being a draft dodger) by falsely claiming he is a full time student (note that he is gainfully employed), he is openly resisting conscription. Not a cowardly draft dodger (that’s a hillul ha-Shem), but a courageous opponent of an oppressive and anti-semitic regime.

  12. Jdb,
    You and fortunately fewer people are completely oblivious to the states true intentions. You are legitimizing the goverments actions as if they are such a straight group. You can not compare the US to Eretz yisrael, by doing so showers that you have no apriciation for a more holy status of the land ipof Israel and this should be recognized by anyone who understands that a group of zionists don’t run klall yisrael. Let them be in chage of paving roads and making sure the country is safe so that (if they are no being shomer Torah uvmotzvos) the religious Jews can bring kiddusha by bringing kvod shamayim down. The zionists shouldn’t interfere with any religious persons way of life.
    Just like you understand that people in Crimea will resist becoming loyal Russian citizens now!!!

  13. I’m not sure why some of you are sticking up for the Zionists, all they want is for the charedim to stop taking over Israel. They will do anything they can to stop Torah learning by cutting benefits and drafting to the IDF – they hate us!

  14. Why not cooperate with the government who provides the wherewithal for the Ashdod community to receive benefits for its citizens? All yeshiva students above the age of 18 in America had to register with the draft until it was abolished (relatively recently), or be thrown into jail. So yes, I would call it very bad advice and a chillul Hashem.

  15. Yagel Libi:

    1) Zionism puts every Jewish life everywhere “on the line,” whether they like it or not. The very need for a military is a classic case of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy.

    2) He DID report to the induction center. That’s where he was arrested. Read the article.

    3) I’d like your source for this assertion. That said, “He refused to talk to her.” To HER. Sheesh. Do I really have to explain this to you???

    4) An unjust law is no law at all. And non-violent resistance to an unjust law is a well established precedent.

  16. cherrybim:

    Registering for the draft and actually being inducted are two different things. America had a concientious objector status. Britain, even during BOTH world wars (as German bombs were raining down on them) had a CO status. The zionists, unlike every other civilized state, does not. Whether you agree with their reasoning or not, whether you share their beliefs or not, these chareidim object to serving in the military on religious grounds. To compel people to violate sincerely held religious convictions is unjust. Ergo, what the zionist state is doing is unjust. Period.

  17. cherrybim : The United States never drafted hareidim, and those who tried to enlist were politely told that military service was incompatible with their religious lifestyle (“unsuitable for military service”). The Israeli draft of hareidim is not designed to recruit soldiers, but is pure and simple a program aimed at breaking up the hareidim community. Two years ago a hareidi would go to the army, and be exempted. Then a new law was passed.

    While we previously has anti-semitic laws in the United States, they were largely abolished by the 1790s. The only groups ever subjected to such bigotted legislative policies in the United States were the Indians, Blacks and briefly Asians — that Israel regards as in a similar way to how the Amercian regarded these groups is indeed scary.

  18. #22-

    1. Satmar nonsense. But there is nothing to be gained by rehashing this. Still, those who believe it are free to return to galut where they are supposedly safe. After all, almost every Jew living in E”Y, charedim included, is either an oleh or is descended from Jews who were able to make Aliyah thanks to the Zionist movement or the State of Israel. And the comment of #1 was empty bravado irregardless.

    2- I read the article. It tells only a small part of the story. He ignored his first three ‘tzavei kriah’.

    3- Yes, you have to explain it to me.

    4- Well, the law is certainly unjust in that it discriminates in favor of charedim. And if you break a law, whether or not you feel it to be unjust, there are consequences. Nobody promised not to arrest charedim who break the law.

  19. They arent punishing him for learning, they are punishing him for WORKING! He is WORKING as a MELAMED at a cheder, which is against the law. Charedim are not above the law, and by working he is proving all the Chilonim right, that the Charedim are taking advantage of them. This is a HUGE CHILUL HASHEM!! !

  20. #27: Right, it is illegal to work in Israel unless one submits to army service in an army we are ideologically and religiously opposed to joining and are conscientious objectors. Really smart.

  21. akuperma – “The United States never drafted hareidim.”

    Sorry akuperma, but you are very wrong on this statement.

    TorasMosheEmess – “America had a conscientious objector status.”

    It’s very silly to believe that the draft board just hands out conscientious objection exemptions just for the asking.
    Federal law allows 1-O conscientious objector status exemption to those who oppose participating in all war. In addition, depending on the circumstances, inductees are given non- combatant duties within the military or alternative civilian service which is usually
    performed in the service of governmental agencies.

  22. To all Americans talking about conscientious objector status, that is fine for America. In Israel there is no such thing. Also it isnt illegal to work without going to the Army IF you learn till 25 under the tal law, which he was protected by if he hadnt broken the law and left yeshiva to teach!!