Egyptian Columnist Advocates Suing The Jews For Damages Caused By Yitizias Mitzrayim & Eser Hamakos


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egypt.jpgAccording to the Middle East Media Research Institute or MEMRI, Ahmad Al Gamal, an Egyptian columnist writing for the Al Ahram newspaper, has advocated that the Egyptian people sue Israel over the damages the Jewish people inflicted upon the Egyptians during Yitizias Mitzrayim.

Al Gamal claims that according to the Torah, only Pharaoh was responsible for enslaving and abusing the Jews yet the “Eser HaMakos” (Ten Plagues) had unjustly hurt all the Egyptian people who were mostly innocent. Al Gamal also added that the Egyptians “want compensation for the gold, silver, copper, precious stones, fabrics, hides and lumber, and for all animal meat, hair, hides and wool, and for other materials that… the Jews used in their rituals. These are resources that cannot be found among desert wanderers unless they took them before their departure.”

Although the exact figures are disputed, Middle Eastern historians agree that overwhelming majority of modern day Egyptians are not actually descendants of ancient Egyptians and are in fact descendants of Arabs originating from the Arabian Peninsula which is located in modern day Saudi Arabia.

Al Ahram, the paper which Al Gamal writes for, is the most widely circulated Egyptian daily newspaper with daily circulation of roughly a million copies. The paper is majority owned by the Egyptian government and is considered to be one of the most influential papers in the Arab world.

(Aliza Levine – YWN)


  1. I think we should break all diplomatic ties with Egypt, since they failed to come through when we needed them, when we were under seige. Also, killing Yosheyahu Hamelech is a declaration of war. We didn’t respond then but maybe it’s about time.

    If they agree to the Gamara’s Cheshbon that the slavery compensation is more than damages they want to claim, let the government pay the aboriginals if we were only slaves to the government.

  2. Well he should be condemned by all Egyptian Muslims since he’s contradicting the Koran, which says it was G-d the creator the merciful… who did it all.

  3. How about countering suing for all the lost wages, slave labor, Loss of our baby boys, pain and suffering, and pressing charges against them for unlawful imprisonment I’d a people? It will make the German compensation, Wudegutmachung, look like pocket change!

  4. seriously?

    the counter argument would be that the people owned nothing because they sold themselves as slaves to pharoh, evidenced in vayigash, hence all the money AND EVEN THEMSELVES belonged to Pharoh

  5. Am I the only Ine who finds this amusing??
    “Al Gamal claims that according to the Torah, only Pharaoh was responsible for enslaving and abusing the Jews yet the “Eser HaMakos” (Ten Plagues) had unjustly hurt all the Egyptian people who were mostly innocent.” Using his logic one should take it a natural step further and say only Hashem brought the Makos and “unjustly” hurt the Egyptians so how could you sue the innocent Jews?

  6. Where to begin.
    1. The statute of limitations has run out.
    2. The current Egyptians have no legal standing, the burden of proof being on the plaintiff to demonstrate standing.
    3. The Jews are improper defendants. G-d inflicted the damage. The Jews were merely the beneficiaries.
    4. The matter has already been litigated with a verdict in favor of the defendant jews. The Egyptians are thereby collateraly estopped from re litigating. The gemara in sanhedrin says that this precise argument was made by the Egyptians in front of Alexander the great. The jews defense was that the amount owed to them for 210 years of slave labor at the prevailing labor rates far exceeded the amount of money that the jews left Egypt with.

  7. I will be 100% honest, when I first read this story on YWN I truly thought that this was some cute story to finish off Adar; especially with names like “Al Gamal” (Yes, I know its Arabic, but it sounded a bit off even for an Arabic name.)
    Apparently this story is from 2003. I haven’t found anything pointing to what ended up happening.
    But in the mean time, YOU HAVE BEEN SERVED!