PHOTOS: NYPD Urges Jewish Community To Remain Vigilant Ahead Of Pesach, Notes No Credible Threats


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Police Commissioner Williams Bratton on Tuesday presided over the NYPD’s annual pre-Passover briefing held at Police Headquarters, which drew approximately hundreds of religious leaders, Jewish community representatives and members of the service in preparation for the upcoming Passover season.

Police officials say no credible terrorist threat has been detected in New York City ahead of the Jewish holiday.

But NYPD counterterrorism official John Miller told members of the Jewish community Tuesday they should remain aware nonetheless.

Miller and other officials gave the intelligence update at a pre-Passover briefing for religious and community leaders.

Passover is one of the most widely celebrated Jewish holidays. It begins on Monday April 14 and ends Tuesday April 22.

In the briefing, NYPD Director of Intelligence Analysis Rebecca Weiner detailed terrorist organizations’ media and recruitment campaigns.

She said images of New York City buildings and traffic scenes are often displayed in propaganda material.

Next week the NYPD will deploy extra resources to precincts with large Jewish communities and add foot posts, Houses of Worship patrol vehicles, outreach by community affairs officers and increased anti-crime units to deter theft. The NYPD will deploy additional resources including “Hercules” patrols by heavily armed officers to synagogues, Jewish neighborhoods and other potentially sensitive locations during the religious holiday. It similarly increases security around mosques and in Muslim communities during Ramadan each year.


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(Chaim Shapiro – YWN / AP)