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New Website Aims to Rejeuvanate Your Learning in Five Minutes

UntitledSo we’ve all tried our hand at a solid slot of learning each day. Sometimes it lasts a week, maybe a bit longer, but every time we kind of hit a brick wall. We try to catch the daf yomi shiur, or stay awake in between mincha and maariv for some small learning, but without any consistency most of us fail to accomplish in learning what we would like to. And then I stumbled upon a program that was perfect for me and, it seems, many others as well. You see, my learning problem stemmed from 3 things: not enough time, not enough energy, and not enough drive to continue. That’s where Torah Alive In 5 gave me no more excuses. Rabbi Dani Kunstler, the founder of this revolutionary learning program, explains that each class is just 5 minutes long, sent straight to the subscriber’s email daily, and there’s a drive to complete topics in gemara, navi, halacha, & more. Rabbi Kunstler adds that many people have rejuvenated their learning through his program, claiming individuals have finished a masechta for the first time in their lives, as well as completing other topics, such as neviim rishonim, hilchos shabbos, & others.

So where does an idea like this stem from? Rabbi Kunstler, an experienced educator for kids at risk as well as main-stream Yeshiva students, says it started with one former talmid who was desperate to learn everyday but had no time to commit. Rabbi Kunstler started recording 5 minutes of maseches berachos and sending it him. “It just worked”, the talmid explained, “All I had to do was open my phone on my 10 minute train ride to work and I had my shiur ready to listen to”. Expanding on the idea, Torah Alive In 5 now boasts classes in gemara, mishna, navi (2 tracks), halacha, mussar, yamim tovim, tefilla, & so much more!

Since the website got up, Rabbi Kunstler says the word is getting around and subscriptions are coming in. “People want to learn, they just have this excuse and that excuse. Now there are no excuses. Everyone can commit to 5 minutes a day. Once they do, they’re amazed at what they can accomplish in such a short period of time.”

Rabbi Kunstler’s greatest nachas so far in running the program came on Purim day when he received a phone call from an emotional subscriber asking him to stay on the line so he can hear the siyum being made on maseches megilla after learning 5 minutes a day for 130 days. “If the program was for that subscriber alone it would all have been worth it, but knowing that there are hundreds who are learning through this program gives me tremendous satisfaction and drive to build up the program with more shiurim and other programs to enhance people’s spiritual growth.”

(Studio B – YWN)

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  1. Shazam,
    One day in the future you will look back at this moment when you made such a comment and kick yourself.
    Mark my words….

  2. it reminds me of what they said about rabbi yaakov kaminetsky, “he became a gadol hador in 5 minutes, how? – every extra 5 minutes he had he learned. i am going to check this out.

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