Chabad Upset As Piron Decides Public Schools Will Operate on Lag B’Omer


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rebbeChabad officials are scratching their heads in bewilderment trying to figure out what to do as Education Minister Rabbi Shai Piron announced public schools will not have a vacation day this year on Lag B’Omer as was the case in the past. For Chabad, the day is one of parades and celebration, permitting shluchim to reach out to many children in traditional and non-frum areas nationwide, as well as in frum areas in line with the instructions of the Rebbe ZT”L.

The minister’s decision will make it much more difficult to reach the children attending the nation’s public schools as they will not have a day off.

Piron decided to make the following day a vacation day since children will be going to sleep late.

Chabad shluchim are still pondering what the day’s events will include and shluchim forums are being used to exchange ideas. One of the options being discussed is having parades in schools. Others suggest making the parades the following day, the day the children are off from school.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Lag BaOmer is not a traditional day in which yeshivos cancel learning in order to party.

    However in such a matter, why is the decision made by the Education Minister rather than the school’s principal in consulation with the teachers in parents. Israel suffers with excessive top-down decision making (which has nothing to do with religion or politics, all groups are equally guilty)l.

  2. If one understands that the Zionist holiday Lag BaOmer, which is, of course, celebrated on Lag BaOmer, is completely different from the Jewish Lag BaOmer (and is, naturally, kineged the Torah, etc.), then it would make even more sense to cancel the Zionist festivities that day.

    I don’t know if this is Piron’s reason, but (leaving out the Chabad angle) it’s certainly a good thing to do so because of the above.

  3. AKUPERMA Why do you feel you need to make A comment just about everything even things you don’t know or if you don’t fully read all the information the point is Lag Baomer was a free day for all school’s for Years till this guy piron came and he need to make a Change not because it needed just to make a statement to show who is the boss and By the way he will upset quite a few people which will make him very happy

  4. If you think this is a good move, then you have no idea how much Chabad accomplishes with their HUNDREDS of parades throughout Eretz Yisroel on that day and how many Yidden do more mitzvos and are mekurev to Yiddishkayt on that day.

  5. Dear Editor,

    What is the source for this report? I Googled for news regarding Lag BaOmer in Hebrew and found no mention of this anywhere. The only news coming from the Ministry of Education was that there will be an additional vacation day for Lag BaOmer next year.

  6. yeah, the government can issue its edicts, but Israeli secular kids LOVE Lag B’Omer. We will see how many will attend Chabad festivities.

  7. Lag ba’Omer is usually a vacation day from school. In 4 out of the last 5 years, it fell on Motzaei Shabbos-Sunday. Considering the widespread celebration and bonfires in which many, including non-religious participate, there has been concern expressed about potential Chillul Shaboos (R”L). Last year, when Lag ba’Omer fell the same way, both it and the day after were given off with guidelines by the Rabbanut (maybe also the education ministry) that the bonfires be done Sunday afternoon into Monday (ie Motzaei Lag ba’Omer). Apparently this year, it was decided to go even further and only give Monday off, so as to discourage bonfires on Motzaei Shabbos, which could lead to more chillul Shabbos. BTW, this decision was made months ago, in time to be released before the start of this school year.
    Of course, none of this will affect the events in Meron, which will of course remain on Motzaei Shabbos.