Supreme Court Grants Adele Biton Another Month Hospitalization


adelLast week YWN-ISRAEL reported that the Beit Levinstein Rehabilitation Center was evicting 4-year-old Adele Biton after doctors decided there was nothing else to be done regarding efforts to rehabilitate her.

Mrs. Biton however was not willing to take Adele home, explaining for one thing, she is pregnant and for another, their home is not equipped to accommodate Adele’s needs. She spoke of “foot dragging” regarding assistance from government agencies for her daughter, who is disabled as a result of her injuries sustained in a vehicular crash which resulted from rock-throwing attacks.

Biton took her case to the Supreme Court, with the latter granting an additional month of hospitalization for Adele until the court hears from both sides in May.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)