Quebec To Stop Subsidizing Illegal Chasidic Jewish Schools, And Wants Them Shut Down


yvQuebec’s newly elected Education Minister, Yves Bolduc, announced that he will stop government subsidies of illegal Hasidic Jewish schools.

“We have to close them, they are illegal, it’s as simple as that,” he said.

“What is important is that the students have to have a very good education, and they must acquire the knowledge that is necessary.”

(Source: Global News)


  1. This would raise serious questions under Canadian constitutional law (which gets very tricky when Quebec is involved since Quebec disagrees with Canada on what is included in Canadian constitutional law).

  2. Its obvious the MInister is clueless about the facts.

    #1 There are no illegal schools, PERIOD!!! Satmar has a ruling from the QC Superior Court that they have a basic democratic right to keep their school open, here’s the judgment (see conclusion), is that called illegal? Called it non-conforming, but “illegal”?

    #2 No school that isnt approved by the Ed. Ministry receives ANY funding, not Satmar and not Skver. So tell us exactly which illegal school is receiving funding

    We have to come out NOW loud and clear to stop this insanity, if not its gonna gets much worse…

  3. on no stamar-shmad-shmad-shmad only the zionists stop our schools galus is so good for uskeep teaching your chidren to be ignorant

  4. If Quebec is so anti-Semitic, why are they so generously funding Jewish schools? Most Canadian provinces don’t, and no US state does. We should have some ha karat hatov and follow the rules!