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Israel: Wheat Crop Took a Beating Due to Dry Weather

wheat.jpgIsrael’s wheat crop took a beating this year as a result of the drought. This year’s yield is 75,000 tons as compared the average yield of 130,000 tons.

Uri Naamti of the wheat farmers union explains “The winter hit hard with heavy rains in December and then it was dry for two months while in the Negev there was average rainfall. In the north there was a drought and this has taken a toll. Usually the drought hits the Negev hardest but this time, it was the north”.

The Knesset Finance Committee met in urgent session to discuss the drought and the damage to the Golan and Galil area farmers.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Ok, bottom line, how much more for a loaf of bread? That’s why this report came out. Don’t you know how they work already????:)

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