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MK Dr. Lavie Seeking Access to Vatican Archives

vMK (Yesh Atid) Dr. Aliza Lavie welcomed the pope’s arrival in Israel on Sunday, 25 Iyar. Lavie released statements welcoming Pope Francis to Israel. She also called upon the Vatican to open its doors to reveal lost documents, books and more.

“This is a visit of great importance not only to the current dimension but also and perhaps primarily historical dimension. Hopefully, the Pope’s visit will further milestone during recent decades woven reconciliation between Christianity and Judaism. ”

Lavie added “I call the Pope to allow access to information stored on the Vatican Archives and libraries. There is knowledge regarding Jewish heritage and his relationship with the Vatican for generations.

“Question, among others, also archival information regarding the activities of the Holy See in the Holocaust and Hebrew texts and objects accumulated in the basements of the Vatican during the previous centuries . I have no doubt that such confidence-building measure real contribution to advancing further the relationship between Judaism and Christianity, and will reflect the historical story is missing. ”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Maybe once & for all we shall have Gemoro on all 63 Messechtos of both Yerushalmi & Bavli.

    I hope the pope will not hold these missing Messechtos as ransom to receive Kever Dovid in return.

  2. Hundreds of researchers now have access to the Vatican archives. Had they found anything of interest to us we would likely know about it by now. The only things that are still unavailable are records from the time of Pope Pius XII (1939-1958) and later.

    And the idea that there exist in Rome manuscripts of Yerushalmi and Bavli that were not written until centuries after the sacking of Jerusalem is preposterous.

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