Israeli Public Schools to Teach the Theory of Evolution R”L


classrIf anyone was looking for reasons not to support Israel’s public school system, including the dati leumi schools, here is another. Davka at a time when the Ministry of Education is run by a man who wears a yarmulke and sports the title “rabbi” the ministry has decided to introduce Darwin’s Theory of Evolution into the state curriculum. According to the YNET report, the theory of evolution will be a part of the 5775 school year curriculum in religious and secular public schools alike. It will be taught in eighth and ninth grades as part of the science curriculum, the same core subjects Education Minister Rabbi Shai Piron insists must be a part of chareidi chinuch to become eligible for equal state funding as public schools.

The estimated 15,000 students who take a biology bagrut matriculation exam will have to study Darwin’s theory.

The ministry’s panel of experts has decided to include this into the curriculum under “Ecosystems and Interactions between Artists & Children and their Environment”, which will expose many students to this theory based on kfira.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I guess its perfect timing with a big bang right before קבלת התורה is there anything left they haven’t uprooted yet in the ‘yudushe meduna’ ?

  2. I’m surprised they haven’t been teaching it until now. State policy appears to vacillate between issurim and kvetched-out heterim, so this is hardly surprising.

  3. I have said it before and I will say it again. I went to a frum yeshiva in North America, we learned Darwinism, but more importantly-we learned how it was wrong. We were tested on it and we were taught how to answer these very real issues. The purpose of education is not to only teach topics that work for you and bury your head in the sand to the world that goes on around you, rather to learn those issues and equip yourself with the solutions when you are (and you will be) confronted by them.