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Is Shai (Shomron-Yehuda) Police Asleep?

mishOn Sunday afternoon 17 Sivan, in an absurd move, authorities lifted a gag order permitting the announcement that the police 100 emergency dispatcher fumbled the ball. The fact that the Israeli 911 dispatcher or his superiors blew the case was known on erev Shabbos, perhaps signaling to some the degree the absurdness of the gag order at times, at the very least in this situation.

The admission that the 120-second emergency call shouting “we have been kidnapped” was mishandled was only officially released to the public when Police Chief Yochanan Danino returned from abroad, timed with his landing in Ben-Gurion International Airport. His absence during the first days of Operation Brothers Return is the subject of much criticism. In fact, Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) on Monday morning 18 Sivan reported that Danino could have returned earlier from a police convention but opted not to. Others feel that with a chain of command in place the chief did not act inappropriately for it is clear he was constantly being briefed on the ongoing operation and the department was operational.

In a directly related matter, Galei Tzahal added that in a probe it conducted it learned that in the two years since assuming command, Danino has been abroad 14 times while predecessors averaged 3 trips abroad during the same period of time. Danino was quick to announce that while a probe into allegation of mishandling the ‘911’ call is in order, “this is not the time. Now we are focused on bringing the boys home”.

Many are not pleased with the chief’s attempt to whitewash the case and there are calls to davka begin a probe here and now, before chas v’sholom another Israeli falls prey to police incompetency.

What has been learned regarding that 120 second call is the following;

* The police dispatcher saw the number of the incoming call
* The youth managed to keep the call going for 120 seconds before he was cut off
* At least one effort was made to call the number back but there was no response
* The dispatcher called another officer to listen and to consult and she, the second officer, was appraised of the situation
* The Shai (Shomron-Yehuda) shift supervisor was informed of the call
* Nothing was done for hours

Based on preliminary information released to the public, it appears police chalked up the call as a mere prank. It is pointed out that this is Shai police, which is responsible for Shomron and Yehuda, not the Herzliya beach, perhaps the most terror prone areas of the country and would hope an emergency dispatcher would not be so quick to assume a call such as this is bogus, but it appears this is exactly what was done. Minister of Public Security Yitzchak Aharonovich who is response for Israel Police released a parve statement too as he visited the homes of the parents, explaining a probe will take place at the correct time and place.

Analysts added that one must be astounded with the courage and ingenuity of the captive for terrorists are briefed well prior to setting out on such a mission. They know the first thing that they must do after taking control of their captives it to take their cellular telephones. The terrorists, especially those operating in Yehuda and Shomron, are well-aware of the Shin Bet and IDF’s eavesdropping capabilities and getting rid of the cell phone is a priority. Yet the captive managed to keep it somehow and brazenly defied his abductors in an effort to activate the emergency system, managing to keep the line open for 120 seconds, providing time for an alert dispatcher to ping the signal and act to bring in rescue forces. Adding to the frustration and anger of many is the realization that the area where the kidnapping occurred, Gush Etzion, is regularly patrolled and an IDF patrol could not have been too far. Had police immediately alerted the ISA (Israel Security Agency – Shin Bet) and IDF the situation today might be a different one.

The incompetence in this case screams for action to prevent a reoccurrence chas v’sholom. It is not known if the responsible dispatcher continues to man the emergency phone or not. The matter is being ignored other than the ongoing media criticism.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. It is clear that Yochanan Danino is the Eric Holder of Israel! Shirk your responsibility’s, then when you’re caught/exposed, play stupid! I didn’t know, I wasn’t aware, no one told me, it was his job, its not my Department, its the media’s fault etc…! This piece of garbage, Danino, has Jewish blood on his hands (assuming the worst R”L) and in a sane “normal” society, he should be locked up in a prison cell awaiting trial on the murder of 3 citizens he is getting PAID to “protect”!!!
    When reading this report, one realizes that its a Ness Min Shomayim that there hasn’t been much more of these tragedies! The entire corrupt inept PD should be fired immediately! Seichel 101! The terrorists are reading the same reports that we are reading. They must overhaul.

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